NieR:Automata Ver1.1a Blu-ray Disc Box Vol.1 [Limited Edition]

Version: Japan
Blu-ray Region Free
Not yet published or released. Expected to ship: Apr 01, 2024
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Language  Japanese
Subtitles  None


  • 6 Disc Edition


The popular action RPG game "NieR: Automata" (Nier Automata) has been adapted into a TV anime! This is the first volume of the Blu-ray Disc BOX of "NieR:Automata Ver1.1a", which will be released in January 2023.

The year is 5012 AD. In the year 5012 A.D., the human race is in danger of extinction due to the sudden arrival of aliens and the machine lifeforms they have created. The few humans who have escaped to the moon launch a counter-offensive using android soldiers to retake the earth. However, the battle is stalemated by the endless proliferation of mechanical life forms. Humanity dispatches a new android (Yoruha) unit to Earth as the final weapon. The newly dispatched ( 2B ) joins up with the preceding investigator ( 9S ) and goes on a mission, but in the process, they encounter several unexplainable phenomena... This is a story of lifeless (androids) who continue to fight for humanity.