Night Of The Zombie Party

Version: Japan
Audio CD
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track listing

01. Zombie Ritual
02. Zombie Fire
03. Zombified
04. Zom-Beer
05. Zombies Devour You Alive
06. Brains for Zombies
07. Zombie Axe Massacre
08. Zombie Party
09. Zombie Drive
10. Zombie Legions Kill! Kill!
11. Die Zombies Die
12. Zombie Metal War
13. Head Banging Zombies
14. Zombie Hurricane
15. Bring Down the Zombie Hammer
16. Pray to Zombie God
17. Zombies from Tokyo
18. Zombie Legions Kill! Kill!
19. Zombie Party
20. Zombified
21. Voodoo Zombie Magic(Unreleased Track 2007)

Track 01~12 『Night of the Zombie Party』
Track 13~17 『Zombies from Tokyo』
Track 18~20 『Fast and Alcoholic』
Track 21 Unreleased Track 2007

Item Description

In 2003, when the black metal band "Magane" stopped activities, the band was formed with the three original members and a new drummer. They completely changed their concept and started playing old death/thrash metal under the name "Tokyo Zombie Metal". With just one demo, they signed a contract with the American label Razorback Records, and their first album "Night of the Zombie Party" released in 2004 has finally been remastered and reissued! With all the songs with "Zombie" in the title, lyrics in Japanese and English depicting the feelings of modern people on the theme of zombies and alcohol, and catchy, fast-paced songs that aim for a transitional sound from thrash metal to death metal, the band's originality has already been established, dragging listeners into the zombie world in an instant!