NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams Original Soundtrack

Version: Japan
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  • Number of Discs: 3

track listing

1. NiGHTS:Journey of Dreams 2. Solitude 3. Eloquent Echo 4. Drifting Donbalon 5. Eloquent Echo:Fluffy Catch 6. Eloquent Echo:River Rescue 7. Drifting Donbalon:Hard Ver. 8. Wandering Wildness 9. Cackling Chamelan 10. Wandering Wildness:Bomb Panic 11. Wandering Wildness:Coaster Rescue 12. Cackling Chamelan:Hard Ver. 13. Dreams Dreams:Located Link MIX(instrumental) 14. NiGHTS And Reala 15. Electrical Entertainment 16. Clashing Cerberus 17. Electrical Entertainment:Neon City Battle 18. Electrical Entertainment:Broadway Guide 19. Clashing Cerberus:Hard Ver. 20. Growing Wings 21. Persona Non Grata 22. D'Force Master 23. Win a Goal 24. Dreams Dreams:Will ver. 25. Dreams Dreams:Adult Ver. 26. Conscience 27. Sweeping Seashore 28. Giant Girania 29. Sweeping Seashore:Aqua Challenge 30. Sweeping Seashore:Marine Escape 31. Giant Girania:Hard Ver. 32. Crystal Choir 33. Bony Bomamba 34. Crystal Choir:Labyrinth Guide 35. Crystal Choir:Jewel Fever 36. Bony Bomamba:Hard Ver. 37. Merry Memory Go Round 38. Queen Bella's Ball 39. Merry Memory Go Round:Forest Adventure 40. Dreams Dreams:Sky Concert 41. Queen Bella's Ball:Hard Ver. 42. Cruising Together 43. NiGHTS And Reala:Theme of A Tragedic Revenge 44. Sonatinas for Two Violins 45. Applause 46. Dreams Dreams:Helen ver. 47. On The Way Back 48. Memento of NiGHTS 49. Dreams Dreams:Sweet Snow 50. Fragmented NiGHTS 51. Dreams Dreams:Kids ver. 52. NiGHTS:Journey of Dreams(Short ver.) 53. Gate Of Your Dream 54. Encounter 55. When The Night Falls 56. Sweeping Seashore:in Daylight 57. Cowardly Custard 58. Catch Me If You Can 59. Duel in Dream 60. Al-Di-La:Lavender Ver. 61. Reala Returns 62. Peaceful Moment 63. Al-Di-La:Sandal Wood Ver. 64. Bad News 65. Twist of Fate 66. Al-Di-La:Peppermint Ver. 67. Captive 68. Suspicion 69. Belief 70. Al-Di-La:Bergamot Ver. 71. Precious Orgel 72. Sentimental Separation 73. Thank You NiGHTS 74. Dreams Dreams:Located Link Mix 75. Dreams Dreams:Sweet Snow(instrumental) 76. Dreams Dreams(instrumental)

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Good but not as good as the first
This soundtrack isnt bad but it just doesnt live up to the musical prowess of the original NiGHTS OST. I loved the original NiGHTS game and soundtrack and alternate scores to each level. The original games music changed depending on the nightopians moods. Journey of Dreams just isnt in the same league.

Want true NiGHTS music i recommend picking up NiGHTS into Dreams... PERFECT ALBUM
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Excellent Sountrack
Most of us are familiar with the magic of the Sega Saturn title: NiGHTS Into Dreams on which, the game NiGHTS Journey Of Dreams is the sequel to. The original soundtrack was an amazing and this one is no exception. This album contains every musical score created for the game and showcases some amazing talent by the artists involved. Well worth purchasing a copy!
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Pure Joy!
I was extremely impressed by the quality with which the CDs had been produced and presented. The music sounds exactly as I remember in game and the art work on the discs, case and sleeve is wonderful.
If I have anything negative to say then it would simply be that, when imported into iTunes, the first disc is named correctly and in English, the second disc has none of the tracks named and simply shows as 'Audio CD' and the final disc is named all in Japanese.
That aside, the music is fantastic!
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Pure gaming soundtrack magic
When I received these disks home on monday I was extremely surprised at the presentation. Not only did it came with an outer sleeve with fantastic artwork but there was more inside. Each of the cds has its own artwork with one of the children and Nights! Not only that but there is a booklet included with details on eveyr track!

The quality of the tracks is equal to that found on the game and a pleasure to listen to. I recommend any Nights fans or videogame music fans to buy this before it runs out of stock forever!
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