No Game No Life Complete Blu-ray Box

Version: Japan
Blu-ray Region Free
Not yet published or released. Expected to ship: Apr 29, 2024
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Language  Japanese
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  • 2 Disc Edition

Item Description

Complete Blu-ray box of the popular TV anime "No Game, No Life" celebrating its 10th anniversary.
In addition to the TV anime "No Game No Life" (12 episodes) that started airing in April 2014, the movie "No Game No Life Zero," released in 2017, is included on two Blu-ray discs. The video extras include the mini-OVA (6 episodes) that was included as bonus footage in each volume of the TV anime "No Game No Life" Blu-ray & DVD, the "No Game No Life Zero" movie theatrical trailer & various PVs, manner videos, commercials, PVs and non-credit OP/EDs. It also includes the soundtrack of the newly recorded radio CD. Now, let's get the COMPLETE Blu-ray BOX, a must-have for fans!

A NEET and Hikikomori...but on the internet, it is known as “ ” (Kuhaku) Sora and Shiro are genius gamer brothers and sisters who are undefeated. One day, Teto, a boy who calls himself ``God'' appears in front of Sora and Shiro, who have extraordinary skills that are considered mere urban legends. Teto summons Sora and Shiro, who call reality a crap game, to another world. It was a world where all fighting was forbidden and everything was decided by games! The weakest human race (Imanity) among the 16 races living in another world. In order to save the human race, which has lost most of its land to other races and is on the verge of extinction, Sora and Shiro engage in an unprecedented battle of wits!