No Make Up - A Collection Of Rough Illustrations Before Coloring And Adjusting Lines

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The ``no make-up'' version of the painting is revealed before it is straightened, colored, or exposed to light.
Contains rough sketches and doodles before coloring and painting by approximately 30 illustrators.
Although there are opportunities to see completed works by illustrators, there are very few opportunities to see the line drawings or doodles that were not completed. However, before a single work sees the light of day, there are many rough drafts and shelved doodles. They have a unique personality and charm that makes it a waste for artists to just keep them on hand.
In this book, we introduce rough sketches and doodles before coloring and coloring, which we refer to as the "no-makeup" aspect of painting. This is a book where you can discover new charms of painting that you might not notice in the finished work.