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No One [w/ Blu-ray Limited Edition]

Version: Japan
Audio CD
Not yet published or released Expected to ship: 19-Aug-2024
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track listing

1. 糸しいひと
2. 味噌汁とバター
3. うぶ
4. 踊り場のサーカスナイト
5. グレーハートハッカー
6. Darling you
7. 備忘ロック
8. 笑ってベイビー
9. Darling you (弾き語り) (BONUS TRACK)
10. 味噌汁とバター (弾き語り) (BONUS TRACK)

Blu-ray Disc
1st One Man Live「だぶだぶでうぶうぶ」2023.12.27 at Shibuya WWW
1. さよならCITY
2. ビーボーイ
3. moviNG on
4. 踏み切りにピアス
5. 備忘ロック
6. センチメンタル・キス
7. リバースデイ
8. 35度、ライラ
9. グレーハートハッカー
10. 味噌汁とバター
11. タイトロープ
12. 踊り場のサーカスナイト
13. Darling you
14. 笑ってベイビー
15. 泣きっ面に8

Item Description

Singer-songwriter "Reira Shio" releases her first package! This album was produced with the image of a novel or a collection of short stories spun by Reira Shio, in which "someone's story in this world" is gathered together. The album includes their major label debut song "Darling you," a song about someone who hides her clumsiness and thinks of others, "Miso soup and butter," a song about those of us who greedily seek happiness, four newly created songs, and two CD-only narrative songs. The Blu-ray of the limited first pressing includes the entire live performance of their 1st One Man Live held at the end of 2023.