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Nobunaga no Yabou: Kakushin with Power-Up Kit (w/ Sangokushi XI)

Compatible with Nintendo™ Wii (Wii™)

For JPN/Asian systems only.
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In this historical simulation game, military warfare is rendered to the utmost realistic degree. The map you use for conquests is constructed in 3D and in one continual piece that makes conquering the other clans more exciting than ever. There are more than eighty techniques to be adopted and honed in the game and they are all keys to victory, so adopt them before someone else does. Military spirit is most important during battles, and the more spirited the soldiers, the more chances there are to execute powerful attacks. Joining with powerful allies is an important aspect in the game as well.Aside from warfare, establishing internal policies are very important. Build public infrastructures in your territories to stabilize them. Open channels for trade and other mercantile activities, but beware of the traps merchants set.The game mixes fictional plots with historical facts. Two factual scenarios that illustrates the world after Oda Nobunaga's fall are included, along with the scenes of famous wars. Under certain conditions warriors from the Bakumatsu period and the Genroku period appear in the game to assist you.*Comes with Sangokushi XI*The pack comes with Sangoshi XI, which features the same 3D map and challenging game play. Aside from outwitting opponents through military strategy and open warfare, strategists and other non-military characters battle through their debating skills. Losing a debate has never been more fatal!

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