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Nobunaga no Yabou: Shouseiroku (Koei Selection)

Compatible with Sony PSP™ (PSP™)
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  • A maximum of eight people can join a game and the game features a total of six hundred historical warriors and forty capitals to conquer.
  • The graphics are upgraded for the PSP screen. The system utilizes the PSP's fast CPU rate so the game play is smoother with fewer blackout screens during data reading or searching stages.


The purpose of this tactical war game is to give its players a sense of what the Sengoku warriors felt when they ruled their lands and devise ways to conquer other states. To show how immense your responsibilities are toward your people, the map centers around your tower and show off the massive fields surrounding it. Cultivate lands, build cities and create settlements for the people and ultimately develop a powerful state.Aside from dealing with internal affairs, face other armies in battles. The game uses a system that enables the players to take turns in mobilizing their forces. There are two types of battles, the open field battles where the army's formation is of utmost importance and laying sieges to other people's capitals where you have to plan out your attack or defense.お求めやすい定番シリーズで登場!“天守に昇った大名の視点で戦国を描く”を テーマに、日 本全国を巨大な戦術マップで表現。領国の発展の様子や、敵の進軍してくる様子、自軍の対応など、内政と戦争が同一マップ上で繰り広げられます。内政では、自国の強さを、支配する領土の「広さ」で表すシステムを採用。陣 形や編成が肝の野戦、本丸の陥落を目指す攻城戦では、ターン制でじっくりと戦略・戦術を立てつつも、緊迫感溢れる合戦を体験できます。

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