Noir [Limited Edition]

Version: Japan
Audio CD
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track listing

1. 絶叫ジャッジメント / ねじ式 feat.あらき
2. 噛んだっていいよ / ねじ式 feat.センラ
3. 灰に潜れ / ねじ式 feat.しゅーず
4. ヌケガライド / ねじ式 feat.島爺
5. 顔だらけの本 / ねじ式 feat.KOOL
6. ピニャコラーダ / ねじ式 feat.雪見&あげいん
7. フリィダム ロリィタねじ式 feat.奏音69
8. メカクシンデレラ / ねじ式 withねじ式バンド

Item Description

It is a compilation cover album, featuring Vocaloid producer Nejishiki. A wide variety of male singers cover his popular songs. Contains eight songs, including "Zekkyo Judgment" sung by Araki, "Kandatte Iiyo" sung by Senra from Urashima Sakatasen, "Hai ni Mogure" sung by Shuzu, "Nukegaride" sung by Shimaji "Kao darake no Hon" sung by KOOL, "Pina Colada" sung by Yukimi & Again, "Freedom Lolita" sung by KANON69, and "Mekaku Cinderella" sung by Nejishiki himself.


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