Norco Original Soundtrack

Version: Japan
Audio CD
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track listing

1. Delirious Eyes
2. Parish (Overworld Theme)
3. Grainer to Chicago
4. Fourth Flood
5. Endless Eve
6. Troy Story
7. Perilloux & Sons LLC
8. Disorientation is Normal
9. Trinkets
10. Behind the Fenceline
11. Last House in Dimes
12. Ditch Man’s Curse
13. Planner Will Hide
14. Your Pawpaw
15. Refinery Fight
16. Apocryphon of Kenner John
17. Here Comes the Scum
18. True Padu
19. The Long Road
20. Corrupted Sanctum
21. Forgive Me, Father
22. Virtual Death
23. Homunculus
24. View of a Burning City

Item Description

The soundtrack of the game "NORCO" by Baton Rouge sludge metal band Zau and composer Gugorie Ai.

Baton Rouge sludge metal band Thou have released more than a dozen LPs, collaborated with such unusual artists as Emma Ruth Rundle and The Body, and released covers of every genre. Continuing to defy typical metal traditions, their latest release is a split with composer Gewgawly I, produced as the soundtrack for the new video game NORCO. "Thou represent a side of Louisiana that's close to me. The members know the suburbs of New Orleans and Baton Rouge well. Their sound and visuals have a strange irreverence that's unique to the area, and ' We've been wanting to do a collaboration for a long time, and it's finally happening," says Yuts of Geography of Robots (game developer).


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