Operation Flashpoint: Resistance

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Expanding the Flashpoint universe, Operation Flashpoint: Resistance creates an additional 100 km squared island complete with varied locations from industrial-style buildings to rolling landscape scenery. Requiring the original game to play, Operation Flashpoint: Resistance immerses players in a new campaign, with an intriguingly different playing style, which forms a prequel to the original game's plot and is set years before Operation Flashpoint's Cold War hit crisis point.Playing as a resistance leader Victor Troska, the game offers a unique experience as gamers scavenge for weapons and equipment to fight back against invading Soviet forces. The new resource carry-over system means every weapon, vehicle and man saved will be available in the next mission, enabling players to build up a militia army capable of repelling a powerful and deadly enemy.In addition to the new campaign, the expansion offers five new single missions and nine new multiplayer missions as well as enhanced network code, incorporating an in-game server browser system and a completely overhauled communication code for better multiplayer performance.

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