Persona 5 Original Soundtrack

Version: Japan
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Persona 5 Original Soundtrack

Product Features

  • 3 Disc Edition
  • Comes with a booklet

track listing

Disc 1:
1. Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There
2. Phantom
3. 脱出
4. Life Will Change
5. 逃走~逮捕
6. 尋問室
7. 回想~暗示
8. 全ての人の魂の詩
9. Beneath the Mask -instrumental version-
10. 出会い
11. 異世界へ
12. 緊迫
13. 覚醒
14. Will Power
15. 王と王妃と奴隷 -another version-
16. 王と王妃と奴隷
17. Last Surprise
18. Talk
19. 勝利
20. Tokyo Emergency
21. 告白/秘密
22. 告白/秘密 -piano version-
23. Layer Cake
24. Life Will Change -instrumental version-
25. Blood of Villain
26. Blooming Villain
27. Regret
28. 色欲の崩壊
29. Beneath the Mask
30. 終わらない日々
31. スターフォルネウス
32. パンチdeアウチ
33. 垢太郎鉄道
34. 豪血寺一味
35. はったれ五右衛門
36. プロゴルファー猿田彦

Disc 2:
1. Tokyo Daylight
2. Butterfly Kiss
3. メメントス
4. Have a Short Rest
5. Suspicious Person
6. My Homie
7. Wicked Plan
8. A Woman
9. A Woman -another version-
10. Sunset Bridge
11. Days of Sisters
12. Beneath the Mask -rain-
13. BAR にゅぅカマー
14. 疑惑
15. High Pressure
16. Price
17. Price -another version-
18. Keeper of Lust
19. Life Goes On
20. 夏の日の思い出
21. 灼熱の砂漠を往く
22. 母のいた日々 -another version-
23. 母のいた日々
24. Alleycat
25. 憤怒の崩壊
26. Alright -elp version-
27. New Beginning
28. Hawaii
29. Alright
30. Break it Down -elp version-
31. The Spirit
32. What's Going On?
33. Sweet
34. ビッグバン・バーガーのマーチ
36. クレーンゲーム
37. プラネタリウム
38. 家電量販店
39. おかえりなさいませ! ご主人様
40. 懺悔のお時間
41. デスティニー・ランド
42. 闇ネットたなか

Disc 3:
1. Beneath the Mask -rain, instrumental version-
2. Break it Down
3. つまらない
4. 廃人化
5. Sweatshop
6. Sweatshop -another version-
8. 放送事故
9. 不穏
10. The Whims of Fate
11. 脱出 -another version-
12. 逃走 -another version-
13. Betrayer
14. Nothingness...?
15. Trick
16. 底知れぬ傲慢
17. 方舟
18. 次期総理の船路に捧げる即興曲
19. Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There -instrumental version-
20. Rivers In the Desert -instrumental version-
21. 欲望
22. Rivers In the Desert
23. 傲慢の崩壊
24. 自由と安心
25. Erosion
26. 対峙
27. Jaldabaoth
28. Swear to My Bones
29. Our Beginning
30. 星と僕らと -piano version-
31. 星と僕らと
32. Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There -opening movie version-

Item Description

Original soundtrack release featuring game 110 BGM titles on 3 discs. Also comes with a booklet, case, and gatefold box.

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Great Soundtrack
I started playing through Persona 5 for the second time and decided I wanted the official soundtrack. You need both this one and the P5 Royal Official Soundtrack for the complete collection. I purchased both, but all of my nostalgia is for the original music. Maybe that will change when I finish Royal.

The three-disc collection includes just about every piece of music in the game from the menus to the dungeons. I even heard some chiptune-like music which must have been part of the in-game video games. The plastic case is surrounded by an outer box. I believe that outer box kept everything inside safe in transit because the two-disc collection it travelled with arrived with some cracks.

Recommended if you like the game enough that you can imagine yourself listening to it regularly.
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A great soundtrack to listen to
This soundtrack includes all of the great music in the game including Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There, Last Surprise, and Life Will Change and the background music you will encounter while playing. A recommended buy for those who enjoyed listening to P5 music.
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As usual the music in this series doesn't disappoint. It's money well spent especially if you're a fan of the game.
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Excellent Soundtrack
As the title states, an excellent soundtrack that is worthy of one of, if not the best game of 2017. Definitely a good pick up if you're a fan a video game soundtracks.
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Gorgeous Music
RPGs almost always have beautiful music. Persona 5 is no exception. If you're a fan of the series, or just looking for some interesting music, then you'll love these CDs.
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