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Persona 5 Tactica Original Soundtrack

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  • 5 Disc Edition

track listing

01, Revolution in your Heart
02, Our Revolution
03, Maxim
04, Evil Devices
05, Beneath the Mask -Tactica-
06, Maze
07, Run Away!
08, Tension
09, Giwaku no saki ni
10, Tataeyo, Marie-sama tōjō!
11, Ai no baiser
12, Kyōatsu
13, Fall Out
14, Hangyaku no tettsui wo kudasu mono
15, Hideout -1st-
16, Suiri to sakusen
17, Infiltrate
18, Got Your Tail
19, Sakusen owatte
20, Kyojō nite
21, Mishiranu shūjin
22, Mission
23, Kagayakeru kakumei hata
24, Mmmhhh…?
25, Kakumei no toki, kitareri

01, Master of the Castle
02, Inextinguishable
03, Sadness
04, Calm
05, Liberation
06, Yokuatsu no tō e
07, Hideout -2nd-
08, Under Surveillance
09, Ai Futsu gyōretsu
10, Got Your Tail -another version-
11, Jōkamachi nite
12, Truth or Dare
13, Karakuri yashiki
14, Mysteriously
15, Trauma yuenchi
16, Seriousness
17, Feudal Lord
18, Kakumei no gisei
19, Recollection
20, Mae wo muite

01, Hideout -3rd-
02, Tsumi no kioku
03, Tobira no saki no jigoku
04, Gakuen nite
05, Kagi wo sagashite
06, Uncertainty
07, Tsumi no arika
08, Affair of Honor
09, Hopeless
10, Sangeki
11, Fuon -Tactica-
12, Tragedy
13, Kesenai noroi
14, Yami to no taiji
15, Kizuna no akashi
16, Sono na wa…
17, Alter Ego
18, Zetsubō no keshin
19, Abyss of Despair
20, Kengen seshi kami
21, Amakakeru kisha

01, Hideout -VT-
02, Kami ni itaru michi
03, Inextinguishable -another version-
04, Kami no ishi
05, Revolution is a Blade
06, Subete no tamashī ni annei o
07, Mastermind
08, Revolution in your Heart -instrumental-
09, Kindness
10, Shinjiru michi e
11, Ordinary Days
12, Haruka kimi e
13, Sugishi hi no chikai
14, Prison Labor -2023-
15, Tall Order
16, Praise
17, Intermission
18, Subete no hito no tamashii no uta
19, Blacksmithing
20, Revolution in your Heart -short version-

01, The Night We Stood -title version-
02, Puzzlement
03, Strangers
04, Sanjō!
05, Strange World
06, Shi no artist
07, Quiet Storm
08, Roji-ura nite
09, The Night We Stood
10, Breakthrough
11, A Burden
12, Futari no yakusoku
13, Kami no shito
14, Providence
15, Tao
16, Repaint Your Heart
17, D09 -outtake-
18, D11 -outtake-
19, Truth or Dare -demo-
20, Inextinguishable -demo-


Light a flame in your heart, and the revolutionary play begins!!

The latest work in the "Persona 5" series, is a simulation RPG that uses tactics to impress.
The soundtrack for “Persona 5 Tactica” will be released at the same time as the game!
A 5-disc set of 106 songs, including opening and battle songs, as well as DLC songs and unused songs! Including unused songs (2 songs) that can only be heard on CD and demo sound sources of battle songs (2 songs).


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Great Soundtrack
I started playing through Persona 5 for the second time and decided I wanted the official soundtrack. You need both this one and the P5 Royal Official Soundtrack for the complete collection. I purchased both, but all of my nostalgia is for the original music. Maybe that will change when I finish Royal.

The three-disc collection includes just about every piece of music in the game from the menus to the dungeons. I even heard some chiptune-like music which must have been part of the in-game video games. The plastic case is surrounded by an outer box. I believe that outer box kept everything inside safe in transit because the two-disc collection it travelled with arrived with some cracks.

Recommended if you like the game enough that you can imagine yourself listening to it regularly.
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A great soundtrack to listen to
This soundtrack includes all of the great music in the game including Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There, Last Surprise, and Life Will Change and the background music you will encounter while playing. A recommended buy for those who enjoyed listening to P5 music.
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As usual the music in this series doesn't disappoint. It's money well spent especially if you're a fan of the game.
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Excellent Soundtrack
As the title states, an excellent soundtrack that is worthy of one of, if not the best game of 2017. Definitely a good pick up if you're a fan a video game soundtracks.
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Gorgeous Music
RPGs almost always have beautiful music. Persona 5 is no exception. If you're a fan of the series, or just looking for some interesting music, then you'll love these CDs.
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