PlayStation2 Console - Gundam AEUG Gold Pack

Compatible with NTSC J titles only.
Version: Japan
USD 0.00
PlayStation2 Console - Gundam AEUG Gold Pack

Product Features

  • This is a used item. If not otherwise mentioned below, spine card is included for titles that originally came with spine cards.
  • Updated PlayStation2™ model with Progressive Scan
  • New DVD Player firmware 3.0
  • 30% more silent compared to previous models
  • Built-in infrared supporting new remote control (featuring on/off and tray open/close button)
  • 128bit Emotion engine
  • 300MHz system clock
  • PlayStation™ and PlayStation2™ game playback (Japanese versions)
  • DVD playback (Region 2 NTSC)
  • This PlayStation2™ model does not have a i-link port (for linking further PS2™ machines together)
  • This system only plays Japanese NTSC version PS and PS2 games (no US or PAL titles)

Item Description

The new updated PlayStation2 Console features a progressive scan out function (for improved picture quality), a new 3.0 DVD firmware upgrade, is 30% more silent compared to previous models and additionally supports a new remote control which allows users to turn on/off the PS2™ console as well as open/close the DVD tray.

Besides from this, the updated PlayStation2™ still plays back all PlayStation2™ and PlayStation2™ games (Japanese region encoded titles only) as well as DVD movies (Region 2 NTSC only!).

The PlayStation2 PlayStation2 Gundam AEUG Gold Pack includes a limited edition golden color PS2™ console, 2 matching Dual Shock2™ controllers, a Vertical Stand designed by Ogawara Kunio, a Gundam Memory Card 8MB as well as a copy of Mobile Suit Z Gundam AEUG vs Titans.

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