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DVD Region 3
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Language  Cantonese, Mandarin
Subtitles  English, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified)

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警方在一次圍剿行動中拘捕大毒梟朱滔(楚原 飾),並派特警家駒(成龍 飾)保護其秘書莎蓮娜(林青霞 飾),要她出庭作證人。怎料在上庭前莎蓮娜突然失蹤,令到指控朱滔證據不足,其當庭被釋放。朱滔雖然被釋放,但卻對家駒懷恨在心,遂設計嫁禍他殺死同僚, 令他成為通輯犯。莎蓮娜洞悉朱滔不擇手段的為人,遂偷取其罪證以求自保,但反被追殺;家駒既要逃避警方追捕,又要保護莎及證物的安全以揭發朱滔奸計,分身 乏術。後更要與朱滔手下激戰......

Chan plays a honest, self-effacing cop Chan Ka-Kui assigned to protect Salina, whose key testimony could bring down drug baron Chu. However, the witness manages to get away from Ka-Kui. With no evidence against him, Chu is set free. Chu goes on a vendetta to frame Ka-Kui for a murder. Ka-Kui goes on the run and, with time running out, must quickly find and save Salina from being killed, as well as prove his own innocence.

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