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Popolo November 2020 Issue - Cover: Arashi

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-Arashi Playback "Members go past" like and love
-SnowMan A love that burns forever ...
-King & Prince 5 are angels or little devils
-SixTONES Brave and brave knights
-Hey! Say! JUMP Feel the bond with us ...
-SexyZone Our Travel Plan
-Johnny's WEST sad "unrequited love" story
-A.B.C-Z Show me the various expressions of A.B.C-Z!

-Shota Yasuda and Yuma Nakayama

-Naniwa Boys Travis Japan HiHiJets Bishōnen

-Raul in TGC "I felt like" my own stage
-Hokuto Matsumura "Sometimes I wasn't able to keep up with my confidence."
-"Delicious talk" about rice with Shunsuke Michieda
-Mizuki Inoue "I also had a" rough season ""
-Shunsuke Michieda & Ryuga Sato in TGC

-Hiromitsu Kitayama & Toshiya Miyata Kis-My Lounge
-"Urgent live delivery !! Johnny`s World Happy Live with you Jr. Festival ~ Wash Your Hands ~"
-Takahisa Masuda "Musical" How to Succeed ""

-Hirano Sho Hirano's Natural Life
-Taiga Kyomoto & Juri Tanaka vol.4
-Ryota Miyadate Snow Man's magical home language 7th
-Shori Sato & Yuta Kishi Winners Souai Exchange Diary

-Aoki Aoki Konishi Eito and others

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