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Language  Mandarin, Cantonese
Subtitles  Chinese, English


  • 1080p


導演翁子光開拓野心和電影視角,跳躍時空探討失落的 世代,幕後四大師杜可風、張叔平、廖慶松和杜篤之聯袂助 陣,吳里璐精心改造郭富城突出造型。
少女時光明媚,但歲月不靜好,不快樂的梅(春夏- 飾),要獨立救自己,走上網交之路,她最後的恩客是聰(白 只-飾)。梅索K索high了,“我想死”脫口而出。臧Sir(郭富 城-飾),負責查她的死因,臧Sir很怪,會在案發現場拍照 留念,不是不想破案,但對人的底蘊更好奇。他很快尋到 聰,一個三失青年,跟梅一見如故,案發真相是甚麼?!

Director Weng Ziguang development ambitions and perspective film, the time jumps of the lost generation, behind the four masters Doyle, Zhang Shuping, Liao Ching Sung and Tu duu Chih jointly cheer, decor careful reconstruction Aaron Kwok outstanding modelling. Girls in bright time, but time is quiet, unhappy (Spring - decoration), Mei to independent save yourself, go on the Internet at the turn of the road, she finally the boon guest is Cong (white - decoration). Messo K cable high, "I blurted out to die.". Zang sir (Aaron Kwok decoration), is responsible for checking the cause of her death, Zang Sir very strange, pictures taken at the scene of the crime, not does not want to solve the crime, but the details of the more curious. He soon found a sharp, three lost youth, and may hit it off, what is the truth?!

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