Princess Crown

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Princess Crown
Princess Crown
Princess Crown
Princess Crown
Princess Crown

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Sega and Atlus jointly developed the original title, launched in 1997. The game, designed with "sword and magic fantasy" in mind, contains unique, highly detailed and beautiful 2D images, once created much positive response from Gamers. This action RPG title has been popular among gamers. Now, this "Even adults will find it enjoyable children story" will be available on PSP™!

Like in the fairy tale world, gamers play the lead character, a curious and righteous princess with a nose for exploration. All the characters, including the enemies are presented in a highly detailed and adorable appearance, with every movement revealing unique beauty, dazzling the gamers. In this world, you must defeat the fire dragon, rescue unicorns, drive out greedy spirits, gather mermaid's tears and succeed on various other strange missions. All these to support the little princess to uncover the mysteries and plots in this fantasy world.

Battle scenes cannot be left out in RPG, this title uses a one on one 2D battle model. Controls for the little princess (black swordsman, little witch, pirate) are simple, requiring only 3 buttons (attach, dodge, weapons) and the direction pad to execute all the colourful and rich movements. During battle, gamers can also use the wizard staff to transform the enemies into small animals, or the ice-fire-thunder dust and various other magical items, as well as medicine to improve one's resistance or self-made formula to recover one's energy.

The PSP™ edition not only preserves the full original edition of the game, but also introduces new elements such as choice of 3 different display modes, ability to change fonts and a more user-friendly interface, as well as the fan favorite "Gallery Mode".

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one jem from George Kamitani
old work from collaboration with atlus are this game that also hit my mind for play
hope you will release more CROWN title ?
after this why you waiting for your journey
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Awesome Game
Really fun action game with great art. Fairly barebones port of the Saturn version though no new bells and whistles. The boxart on this version is amazing in its use of awful typeface. Tremendously fun game none the less.
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Discovering the Origin
I heard about both Princess Crown and Oboro Muramasa after playing Odin Sphere. I had really enjoyed Odin sphere, the gameplay was fun, I loved the voices behind the two main characters (Gwendolyn and Mercedes), and of course the art style and character design was very pretty. So I was inspired to try Princess Crown.

It was pretty much what I expected. Having heard that Odin Sphere was the spiritual successor to Princess Crown, I guessed there would be similarities. But I also assumed that it would be much more simpler. At the core, the gameplay is the same, both being side-scrolling Action-RPGs. The main difference was the pacing and speed of the games. Odin Sphere had many enemies at once while Princess Crown has one to a few enemies at once. Odin Sphere is also much more fast paced. In Princess Crown, you move much slower and the battles don't feel as fluid.

I suppose Odin Sphere spoiled me, so it was hard to get rid of my biases. I have done it with other games, played later ones in the series only to go back to earlier entries, with no modern day biases. But for Princess Crown I found it especially difficult to try and look at the game as objectively as possible.

It wasn't just the pacing though; I wasn't very fond of the musical selection in this game. It often seemed very quiet. I am not saying that music was one of Odin Sphere's strong points, but I can always imagine some of the songs in my head. For Princess Crown, I don't remember any of the music.

As for the art style, I thought it was for the most part enjoyable. Of course the colors are not as lush as they are in Odin Sphere, I still found the characters and most of the backgrounds to be pleasing to look at.

I probably ruined my whole experience of this game by inadvertently comparing it to Odin Sphere. I really couldn't help it though, as I bought this because I enjoyed Odin Sphere. But overall, it was an enjoyable to average game. While I can't say that other people who started on Odin Sphere are guaranteed to enjoy this just as much, I can say that this is a solid game that should at least be given a chance.
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A port of a wonderful game
While the story is basic fairy-tale fare, the gameplay is fresh and interesting. The gameplay is an Action RPG hybrid, with a fairly fast-paced battle system. With a cute fantasy touch, the visuals are simply stunning, and the music is nice to listen to.

If you are a fan of Vanillaware games, and have not picked this up, it is definitely worth a shot. You will not be disappointed, even if you cannot read Japanese.
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Great side scrolling action RPG
This game is a port of one of the best looking 2d saturn games, and it also has a great gameplay. I actually came to know about this game thanks to play asia's product suggestions. I would have liked buying the saturn version, but since it goes on sele most everywhere for more than 100 USD, I settled for the bargain-priced psp version.If you have a mountain of money go for the saturn version, if not you can always get the psp one, either way you'll be getting a gem of the rpg genre.
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