Princess Letter(s)! From Idol Complete Best Album

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track listing

1. 雁矢よしのの話
2. 水茎あやめの話
3. 金魚鉢たよりの話
4. Spring Letter(s)!
5. リトル・シークレット (feat.TAKU INOUE)
6. ハジメテタヨリ (feat.かめりあ)
7. よあけのあやめ (feat.Tomggg)
8. Floating Flower(s)!
9. Sprout (feat.KOTONOHOUSE)
10. 見えない翼 (feat.bassy)
11. タイヤキアイドル☆たよりん参上! (feat.ヒゲドライバー)
12. 言花Letter(s)!
13. 過ぎゆく季節の片隅で
14. Original Flower(s)!
15. Princess Flower(s)!
16. 言花Letter(s)! (雁矢よしのver.)
17. 言花Letter(s)! (水茎あやめver.)
18. 言花Letter(s)! (金魚鉢たよりver.)

Item Description

"Princess Letter(s)! From Idol", popularly known as "Princess Letter(s)! From Idol", has a unique concept of "being able to correspond with characters in the real world" Shochiku. Shouta Horie (kemu), Taku Inoue, Hige Driver, KOTONOHOUSE, Camellia, Tomggg, bassy (Nyarons), and other gorgeous composers in the industry welcomed the idol Yoshino Kariya (CV: Rie Takahashi), Includes emotional songs sung by three popular voice actors, Ayame Mizukiki (CV: Tomori Kusunoki) and Tayori Kingyoba (CV: Yu Serizawa). In addition, the "Voice Actor x Poetry Reading Song", which has been established as a synonym for Prileta, will also be recorded! , `` Kotohana Letter(s)! '' each voice actor solo ver.
A one-of-a-kind piece.


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