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Princess Mononoke Soundtrack [Color Disc Version] (Vinyl)

Version: Japan
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  • 2 Disc Edition

track listing

Disc 1
Side A:
1. The Legend of Ashitaka
2. The Demon God
3. The Journey to the West
4. The Demon Power
5. The Land of the Impure
6. The Encounter
7. Kodamas
8. The Forest of the Gods
9. Evening at the Ironworks
10. The Demon God II - The Lost Mountains

Side B:
11. Lady Eboshi
12. Tatara Women's Song
13. The Furies
14. The Young Man from the East
15. Requiem
16. Will to Live
17. San and Ashitaka in the Forest of the Deer God
18. Princess Mononoke (Instrumental Version)
19. Requiem II

Disc 2
Side C:
1. Princess Mononoke (With Vocal)
2. The Battle Drums
3. The Battle in front of the Ironworks
4. The Demon Power II
5. Requiem III
6. The Retreat
7. The Demon God III

Side D:
8. Adagio of Life and Death
9. The World of the Dead
10. The World of the Dead II
11. Adagio of Life and Death II
12. Ashitaka and San
13. Princess Mononoke - Ending Theme Song with Vocal
14. The Legend of Ashitaka - Ending


Limited production run color vinyl of all your favorite Studio Ghibli's analog soundtracks are here!
Limited quantity colored vinyl for each film's soundtrack in the highly popular "Studio Ghibli Analog Vinyl Series" are being released.

The movie soundtrack as performed by the full Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra.
●Theme Song: Princess Mononoke (Vocals: Yoshikazu Mera) included.

Vinyl Color: Clear Light Green


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