Pullip Yami

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Pullip Yami
Pullip Yami
Pullip Yami
Pullip Yami
Pullip Yami
Pullip Yami
Pullip Yami

Product Features

  • Material: ABS, HIPS, POM, TPR, Cotton, etc.
  • Size: Approx. H310mm
  • Limited availability
  • Actual product may differ from photos.

Item Description

A second collaboration with fashion brand [NieR Clothing].
[YAMI] from Pullip, dressed in coordination that incorporates the brand's popular items.
A kimono sleeve haori with a red amaryllis print is a cute item that can be worn with or without an obi.
The inner T-shirt can also be worn as a dress, so you can enjoy various coordination by combining them!
Wig has cute twin-tail hair with pink inner color.
The included hair ornament can be attached to the knot.
The makeup is put together in pink and black colors to create a design that combines cuteness and beauty.
Also, pay attention to the plump eyes that will draw you in!
The attached stuffed toy is the brand's original character [Mike].
A mini size that fits comfortably in your arm and is full of cuteness.
In addition, the choker and bracelet are items that match the third [Isul/NAO]!
Please put them side by side.
You will definitely become a charmer with its charming cuteness.

*Please note that there is a possibility that our ordered quantity will be cut by the supplier.


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