Puyo Puyo 7

Compatible with Nintendo DS™ (NDS™)
Version: Japan
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Puyos are crystaline jellybeans that block up your screen. Line them up by color and blast them away. Popular among people of all ages, the Puyo Puyo series is out with its seventh installment.The new game comes with a "henshin" gauge where you can transform into an adult or into a child, use this to your advantage as you blow the colorful blobs away.Besides Henshin, there is also the Fever Gauge which allows you to turn the tables around even with all those puyos stacked up against you. Strategically setting up the blocks and successfulling timing the Fever Attack is the key of victory this time.

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Cutesy story that you will mostly skip through, a few varieties in game types, but quality graphics and sound that stays faithful to the Puyo Puyo brand.

As addictive as Japanese snacks and candy.
Your girlfriend won't be able to stop playing... (^_^;)
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Not bad
I purchased this game because I am a fan of puyo puyo 2 (tsu) and it included that version as a classic mode. I don't care much for the newer fever modes, but I did still play through the content and it is still rather fun and a good amount of content.
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Puyo Puyo Seven Strikes!
Alrighty, everyone knows of the addicting game commonly known as Puyo Puyo/Puyo Pop Fever, etc. etc. correct? Well, here comes number seven with voices and one heck of a puzzle to solve--in style! Old characters mixed in with the new brings in an unbelieveable past-time that never gets boring!

With Henshin mode, fever mode, and getting graded based on how well you preformed--it''s entirely nerve-wracking, attempting to get an 'A'... and I thought passing my Physics class was hard enough! I recommend this game to those who not only have too much time on their hands, but also to those who love puzzles--this is something that everyone can enjoy, no matter how old they are!
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Puyo Puyo Again
I have been a fan of puyo puyo series for a while and well this Puyo Puyo 7 introduces a new game mode called Transformation mode. However it isn't as mindblowing as some people may assume it is just fever mode and the (chance of getting small or big pieces). If you are a person expected a total change in gameplay this product is not for you. But if you are a longtime fan of the puyo puyo style gameplay then please add this to your connection.

One thing i didn't like about this game is the single player mode basically makes you play the transformation mode constantly that it basically ends up being kind of annoying.

But of course this game is great when playing with other people , my only problem is i haven't found anyone around me with a DS ... so i can't really rate this mode yet

If you want more variety in gameplay stick with the 15th Anniversary Puyo Puyo , If you want a slight change add this to your collection
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