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Rayman and Rabbids Family Pack

Compatible with Nintendo 3DS™ (3DS)

For PAL systems only.
Version: Australia
Version: Europe
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The Rabbids and Rayman (from Rayman Legends) join forces to level up the fun and excitement of your consoles! Get ready to capture these adorable hyperactive Rabbids and experience the insanity of Rayman in a bundle full of naughtiness in Rayman & Rabbids Family Pack.

This collection brilliantly bundles Rayman Origins, Rabbids Rumble, and Rabbids 3D for the ultimate gaming experience!

Rayman Origins:

Follow Rayman and his best friend Globox together with the teensies, in their quest to restore the peace in the land of Glade of Dreams. Take on this gorgeous game along with its action-filled gameplay that is sure to give players a blast from start to end. Enjoy playing Rayman Origins alone, or with friends and experience a well-written story, incredibly fun-filled gameplay, and great party mini games.

Rabbids Rumble:

The Rabbids are unstoppable! After making a rumble around every corner of your Nintendo DS, they are now wreaking havoc in the real world! Players must capture every single Rabbids - each having unique skills and abilities of their own, while completing lots of exciting mini games.  Take on a professional wrestler, a football player, superhero, dragon, Spartan, an astronaut and many more!

Rabbids 3D:

The Rabbids are bwaacck! Literally! They’ve gone back in the past with the use of their Time Washing Machine and have messed up history! Buckle up and get ready to revisit the key moments in history like the discovery of fire, the broken nose of the Sphinx or the legend of Arthur. Play with time and uncover how the troublesome Rabbids wreak havoc and changed the course of history.


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