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Subtitles  English, Japanese, Spanish
Red Colony Trilogy [Limited Edition]
Red Colony Trilogy [Limited Edition]
Red Colony Trilogy [Limited Edition]
Red Colony Trilogy [Limited Edition]
Red Colony Trilogy [Limited Edition]
Red Colony Trilogy [Limited Edition]
Red Colony Trilogy [Limited Edition]

Product Features

  • Includes the whole trilogy (3 full games) on 1 card
  • 2D side-scrolling horror action game
  • Puzzles, scare scenes and little ammo
  • Anime style graphics featuring an attractive female cast
  • Homage to the classics of the genre
  • Environmental and realistic sound for a more terrifying experience



Item Description

Red Colony​
After a mad scientist experiment with all kinds of DNA, a deadly virus infects his staff and turns them into blood-thirsty zombies. Maria is a researcher trapped in turmoil who desperately searches for her daughter before it is too late.
The secrets she finds during her escape from the colony will make her fight a stronger enemy than the wicked virus... Despair.

Red Colony 2
You play as Nicole, a mother desperate to get her daughter out of the terrifying slum at the bottom of the bottom in the Blue Colony. Your task is not an easy one, the slum has been hit hardest by the outbreak and zombies are not the only thing stalking you from the shadows.

Only the strongest will survive, the Red Colony has already been massacred by the deadly zombie horde but there is still a chance in Sky City! Help Nicole rescue her daughter and face the dark secrets of her past as you sneak, fight and solve puzzles in this survival horror indie game.

Red Colony 3
It’s the final chapter in a series that has taken you across the solar system and had you battle it out against zombies, dinosaurs, and now even ROBOTS!
In Red Colony 3, You play as Mina, an android, who is returning to her home planet of Titan with the precious dinosaur DNA, desired by her Queen.

Help Mina fight zombies, dinosaurs, and mutagenic monsters in the classic Red Colony, edge-of-your-seat fashion. Scour the environment for clues to unlock tricky puzzles and follow the twisting, whacky story to its climatic conclusion in Red Colony 3.

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Three good, short games
If you don't come into expecting a AAA game of the year and just enjoy some absurd humor and a little fanservice, you'll enjoy this game. These are short story side scrollers with a really goofy plot, like a B-Movie horror flick where each sequel gets cheesier than the first. But that's the true charm of this game. Each game in the trilogy is a direct sequel so you do have to play from the beginning. And the story gets more and more absurd as it progresses. It begins with a zombie outbreak, then dinosaurs, then the dinosaurs become zombes, etc. One of the antagonists in each story becomes the protagonist of the next story. Gameplay is adequate-- it is an indie game and it does look like one but it is a decent light metroidvania. For the more "cultured" among us, there is a little light fanservice-- the protags are all a bit "top-heavy" and the more damage you take, the more the clothes fall off. The whole series can probably be beaten in about a weekend. I consider myself an average player that likes to explore and take my time finding hiden things and I beat all three games over the course of three days, one for each game. Again, this isn't going to win any big awards but it is worth playing.
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Indie Horror fanservice game.
A fun Indie horror collection with the sexy scream queen lead characters.
This type of thing will appeal to B horror sci fi movie fans. That old 90s feel of a fanservice female lead. Light puzzles and action and an overall simple affair of a game. But worth it if you get the collection.
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Not bad, but not good either
Its ok as long as you dont expect too much. Has that indie game feel. Its passable, but a bit underwhelming both as a horror game and as a fanservice game.
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great 2D ecchi horror in one collection
pretty good collection. you get a lot of bang for your buck, if you get the collector's edition. I believe its 10 dollars more, but worth getting.
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3 juegos en uno !
es relativamente normal y tiene mucho para mejorar pero en si es un buen juego xD
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