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Ridge Racers

Compatible with Sony PSP™ (PSP™)
Version: Japan
Works on all systems sold worldwide, a correct regional account may be required for online features.
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Ridge Racers
Ridge Racers
Ridge Racers
Ridge Racers
Ridge Racers
Ridge Racers
Ridge Racers

Item Description

Ridge Racers features a collection of rearranged race courses from Ridge Racer, Ridge Racer 2, Rave Racer, Rage Racer and Ridge Racer Type 4.携帯ゲームの常識を超えた!これが究極の新「リッジ」!!4年ぶりに帰ってきた「リッジレーサー」最新作!!タイトルの『リッジレーサーズ』には、過去から現在まで続くリッジレーサーシリーズのコースを集めた『リッジレーサーワールド』をイメージしています。家庭用リッジレーサーだけでなく、アーケードでたくさんのファンに支持を頂いた『RAVE RACER』から、それぞれの名コースをピックアップ。高いビジュアル性能を誇るPSPのためにグラフィック面を全てリファインしました。新コースも合わせると、その数シリーズ最多の24コース。携帯ゲーム機の常識を超えたボリュームです。

Customer reviews

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Great launch title
The early races are pretty easy to win & boring, but apart from that, it\'s very hard to fault Ridge Racers. It looks, sounds & plays brilliantly, and gives new PSP owners a glimpse of what their new toy is capable of.

Fans of the series will be delighted to see some of the tracks included from the previous games, including Rave Racer; which has never featured outside the Arcade untill now.

Music from the previous RRs has also been included, in both original and remixed form, and the new tunes are also great. There\'s lots of stuff here to keep you happy for a long time.

The game\'s presentation is beautiful and makes it very easy to figure out the menus & options.

Along with Lumines, it belongs in any PSP owner\'s collection.
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This game is great, the best psp game I have played out of the total of 2 game I own.

The japanese version is very user friendly and gameplay is in fully english and the main menu\'s are in full english. If you have no language skill you can still easily play this game!!

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This game will probably be to the PSP what \"Ridge Racer\" was to the Playstation 1: A great launch title and a system seller. Not that a hardware like the PSP would need a system seller anyway, it will just sell itself. ;-)

Having played it for a while now, I must say that this may be the very best game in the whole Ridge series. Even if you don\'t take into account that it\'s a handheld game. It contains a lot of tracks (both race tracks and audio tracks) which you may know from older games in the series.

Buy it!
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A great launch title
If ever there was a game that will sell the PSP at launch it is this one.

The presentation is phenomenal - I kept blinking and checking - is this really a handheld machine this running on?!

I have never played a Ridge Racer game before, and I found the learning curve is very good. The challenges are tough enough without getting too overly difficult as you progress.

In summary Namco have made a real showcase launch title that help Sony get a lot of PSP\'s sold as it launches in the different territories
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Well I never....
I\'ve never really been a fan of the Ridge Racer games. I mean, there\'s Arcade-y handling and there\'s the way Ridge Racer games handle!

But nevertheless, Ridge Racers was one of the two games I got with my PSP. And boy was it a good choice.

By the time the intro movie has graced the PSP screen, you\'ll be druelling for more!

Plays really well, a lot of cars and tracks to unlock, the music is as cheesy as ever (but in a good way) and the graphics are extremely impressive for a first generation PSP game.

Until Gran Turismo Mobile appears, this is definitely the racer to show off what your PSP can do.
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