Rockman Rockman (Best Version)

Compatible with Sony PSP™ (PSP™)
Version: Japan
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Rockman Rockman (Best Version)
Rockman Rockman (Best Version)
Rockman Rockman (Best Version)
Rockman Rockman (Best Version)
Rockman Rockman (Best Version)

Product Features

  • aka. Mega Man Powered Up
  • Totally redesigned level structure - every level features modified map structures as well as varied item locations
  • Intuitive level editor option allows endless possibilities
  • Players can design their own stages creating challenges that are only limited by their own imagination
  • Customize everything including enemy and object placement
  • Rockman Challenge 100 – take a break from the main story mode by putting skills to the test in 100 different short stages, each with its own objectives and challenges
  • Play as any of the eight boss robots in the game – utilize their unique abilities and characteristics to zip past obstacles

Item Description

Rockman is on a quest to restore peace in the world after Dr. Wily takes control of several robots in hopes to rule the planet. Completely re-designed for the PSP™ system with new bosses and puzzles to master, Rockman Rockman is the only action platformer that lets gamers create their own levels and share with friends.アクションシューティングの原点、「ロックマン」がスーパーボリュームでリニューアルされて登場!昔のステージ風「オールドスタイル」、2体のボスが追加されしかもボスでもプレイできる「ニュースタイル」、自分でオリジナルステージの作成ができて、ネットで全世界のユーザーと交換もできる「コンストラクション」、さらに100問のチャレンジステージまで搭載だ!

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Worth buy three times (I did)
A remix of classic Rockman 1 into the brighter and cuter mood. The game's quality is absolutely great and you can also enjoy many side dishes after clearing the game. You can download various Roll chan's costumes, play as different characters (Blues and 8 boss, etc...) Once you but this game, you will enjoy it for a long time.
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Redefinition of a Remake
If you're a Rockman fan at heart, then by all means Play this Game and faint from sheer "fan-service" overload! It's ultra-cute, more fun than a friendly robot's oughta have, CHALLENGING and it'll keep you busy for quite a while since there's so much to discover.

The word "remake" simply doesn't do this game's justice. It features many playable characters (not just Rockman) with hilarious voiceovers that add much to their personalities, not to mention numerous branching paths accesible via the weapons and unique powers of the other characters and that's only the main game!

Rockman Rockman comes as well with an "Old Style" mode that's extremely reminiscent of the original (minus the graphics, of course) and the chiptune music comes back in all their 8-bit glory for the connoisseurs.

Special 'hardcore' challenges? Level editor? FREE downloadables? You got it. Can you say "Rockman Roll-chan"? Because Now you Can!

Coming from a long-time Rockman fan. Stop reading this and don't miss on this jewel of a game. Rockman Rockman easily stands next to Rockman 2, Rockman 3 and Rockman 9.

Yes, it's just THAT good! =D
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A remake like few
Remakes of really older games should be like this one, adding new and interesting content is what makes them great, and this is the case.

adding some dialogues to make the plot outside the manual, completely remade the graphics and scenarios, and the choice to play as EVERY single robot master the game has has to be the greatest feature

And the Level constructor is something I have seen is very very interesting, as the possibility to upload and download other people's maps from the official website completely free of charge makes it even greater

You should get this as soon as possible, and even now that it has became a Best Version
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