Rodea the Sky Soldier

Compatible with Nintendo 3DS™ (3DS)

For US/Canada systems.
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Rodea the Sky Soldier
Rodea the Sky Soldier
Rodea the Sky Soldier
Rodea the Sky Soldier
Rodea the Sky Soldier
Rodea the Sky Soldier
Rodea the Sky Soldier


  • Touch the Sky - Complete each mission by traversing the aerial kingdom of Garuda while solving puzzles and demolishing enemies! Upgrade your flight capabilities and take full control of the air to discover secrets of the past and hints of the future
  • Delightful Tinkering - Explore each level and shatter enemies to collect Gears and Gravitons which Ion can use in her workshop to upgrade Rodea with new abilities and weapons, from upgrading his stats to powerful machine guns
  • Colossal Battles - Engage in battles on an epic scale as you combat the massive automatons of the Naga army. Dodge and weave in acrobatic combat as you evade the behemoths’ attacks and locate their weaknesses
  • Endless Hours of Bi-Lingual Fun - Replay your favorite levels to better your time and uncover numerous hidden objectives and items. Upgrade your gear to set new speed records and increase your score. Enjoy English text as well as new English and original Japanese voices


Do you rememberthe announcement ofRodea: The Sky Soldierway back in 2011?Kadokawa Games'president Yoshimi Yasuda confirmed back in July that it is still alive, and we now have a Spring release set for thisNiGHTS-style action game!

Rodea: The Sky Soldierstarts on the floating continent of Garuda. Your journey begins when a curious young girl named Ion ventures into ruins and reactivates the fabled robotic Majin soldierRodea.After waking from a 1,000 year slumberRodea's memory is no more, except forthe recollection of a"fierce battle from the past" and the face of a girl who looks like Ion.

As all thisunfolds, the Machine Empire Naga has been revivded after1,000 years of dormancy.Seemingly to be the antagonists of the title, theiraim is to take control of the 'Gravity Energy'that resides onGaruda and use it to power their invasion of mechanical soldiers.

In order to protect the confused and frightened people of Garuda, Rodea and Ion step up to face the machine army.


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Not to bad
The game has some huge bosses where you need to fly around and hit weak points, there's a limited time flying and refills for that time, the game is a little repetitive you do the same thing over and over, but every map is different from others so even if you are doing the same thing, its not on the same place.
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Ok , but I like gravity rush more than this game.
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A bit dissapointing.
The game has very endearing characters and has a nice contemporary scifi fantasy feel to it, but it lacks in the gameplay department. The 3DS version looks the best. that is not to say graphics are very good, but they certainly look way better than wii U version, which looks like a game cube game.
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