Rulers of Nations (DVD-ROM)

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Rulers of Nations (DVD-ROM)
Rulers of Nations (DVD-ROM)
Rulers of Nations (DVD-ROM)
Rulers of Nations (DVD-ROM)
Rulers of Nations (DVD-ROM)

Product Features

  • The Competition game mode playable solo or with several other players on a network (up to 16 players).
  • New scenarios incorporating the current geopolitical context in the Simulation mode.
  • Updated geopolitical and economic data as of September 30, 2010: economic indicators, demographics, growth, new heads of state.
  • 3D faces: All the characters are now portrayed with their faces in 3D.
  • Interactive real-time tutorial.
  • Specific interface for and improvements to the wargame, with troop management through icons, activable minimap scanner, over 40 types of 3D units of differing technology quality, freight aircraft for troop transport, micromanagement of spy satellites.
  • Possibility to construct offshore stations, land and sea wind farms, and solar farms.
  • Management of refugees in the event of war or natural disaster (population migration, construction of camps, humanitarian aid).
  • New actions such as annexing conquered territories, regional independence, changing the capital.

Item Description

Rulers of Nations is a geopolitical simulator of the current world. Players play heads of state or governments (presidents, kings, prime ministers . . . ) of the countries that they choose at the beginning of the game. They can take initiatives in several areas—economic, social, military, domestic and foreign policy, environment, culture, etc. All the countries of the world are represented, with their variables and their own modes of functioning.The game includes phases for economic management, trade, wargame, construction, espionage, simulation, and political manipulation.

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