Rurouni Kenshin Piano Solo Album [Reprint]

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In addition to the piano solo arrangement of the soundtrack of the popular anime "Rurouni Kenshin" broadcast in 1996, we will reissue a collection of scores with a special collection of the theme song's narration arrangement!

Listed songs:
1. Until We Meet Again
2. Painful Memories
3. Her Most Beautiful Smile
4. Her Most Beautiful Eyes
5. Light Shaded Dream
6. Days To Remember
7. Overture 序曲「追憶~in the Past~」
8. 剣心&薫 duet「夏の絵」
9. るろうに剣心Voices sing「この世界の片隅で…」~Epilogue -終章-「残照~Venus and Mars~」
10. 運命の歯車~京都へのプロローグ~
11. The Last Wolf Suite~志々雄真実の組曲~
12. Starless~月も無く、星も無く-accoustic guitar version-
13. Departure-piano+accustic guitar version-
14. 序曲「君は誰を守っている」-Strings Version-
15. 緋村剣心-Gut Guitar version-
16. 飛天御剣流-Kenshin's Battle Mode-
17. 悪一文字-A Theme of 相楽左之助-
18. 神谷道場-A Theme of Kenshin's Family
19. 牛鍋でパァー!っと… -The Theme of「赤べこ」-
20. でもネ! ほんとはネ…
21. 剣術小町-Kaoru's Theme-
22. 神谷 薫-Kaoru's Love Theme/ Original Mix-
23. 想い~踊れないワルツ~ -Strings Version-
24. 虹(L'Arc~en~Ciel)
25. 永遠の(アニメタル)
26. 君に触れるたけで(CURIO)
27. ダメ! (和泉容)
28. 1/3の純情な感情(SIAM SHADE)
29. 1/2(川本真琴)

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