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Special Appendix: Rurubu Original! Newly written posters and stickers

A popular work that continues to lead the Japanese animation world, starting with the 1995 TV series "Neon Genesis Evangelion" and ending with "Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version", which was released in theaters in March 2021 and attracted a great deal of attention. A collaboration book of "Evangelion" and the tourist guidebook "Rurubu" is now available

◎ Eva-loving entertainer, Oniyakko Tsubaki goes! Kaworu and delusional trip in Hakone
The editorial department of Oniyakko Tsubaki, who is known as a fan of Eva, plans a delusional travel plan with his Kaworu.
From the perspective of a fan, we have created a travel plan that fulfills the delusion of "I want to go to a place like this together!"!

◎ Delusional trip with Rei Asuka Mari
I had a delusion of the plan I wanted to go with Rei x Hamamatsu, Asuka x Hakone, Mari x Yamaguchi!
Make sure to plan a delusional trip that incorporates the small stories and characteristics of each character that are unique to Eva.

◎ Tourist information from a glance around the world!
Sightseeing information on the 3rd village, 3rd Tokyo City, and Ubeshinkawa Station with the dogmatism and prejudice (!?) Of "Rurubu".
You can look back on the work along with the scene cut of the movie!

◎ Deep digging at Tenryu-Futamata Station
Special feature is Tenryu-Futamata Station, which is one of the model sites of the 3rd village.
Here are some spots where you can feel the atmosphere of Village 3.

◎ Hakone model site exploration
Introducing Hakone, which is known as a model site for Evangelion, in detail.
Not only the standard spots, but also the maniac spots that Eva fans can't miss!

◎ Thorough commentary on Ubeshinkawa Station!
"Ubeshinkawa Station" in Ube City, which is also the birthplace of director Hideaki Anno, has many spots related to Eva!
Introducing the spectacular scenery that makes you want to take pictures and the gourmet food that fans are familiar with.

◎ A variety of columns unique to "Rurubu"!
・ Eva's railway column by the former editor-in-chief of "JTB Timetable"
・ Eva x local collaboration
・ Eva set that you want to take on a trip

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