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Rurubu One Piece
Rurubu One Piece
Rurubu One Piece
Rurubu One Piece
Rurubu One Piece
Rurubu One Piece
Rurubu One Piece

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A collaboration between the super popular manga "One Piece" and the travel guide "Rurubu". We thoroughly searched for "sacred places" that exist in the world, similar to the stage of the story. Set sail on a big voyage in your brain with the feeling of a Straw Hat Pirate!

Must-have for One Piece fans!
Whether you like traveling or not, if you are a One Piece fan, you can enjoy this book as if you were on a big voyage in your brain. You can compare the sacred places around the world with one scene in the work. We also devised a model plan for a trip where the editorial staff of "Rurubu", which publishes guidebooks around the world, can fully enjoy each sacred place. In addition, there are plenty of collaboration projects that can only be seen here, and there are plenty of highlights!

Main features published in this magazine
◆ One Piece Easy to understand
・ What kind of manga is One Piece?
・ One Piece Area Guide & Basic Information
・ A comprehensive review in 5 minutes! A quick understanding of the history of One Piece

◆ Recommendation of great voyage in the brain
・ One Piece fan YouTuber considers! "One Piece delusional chart"
・ Rurubu editorial department thoroughly searches! "World Sanctuary Map"
・ Ladder the sacred place in 30 nights and 31 days! A round-the-earth voyage plan
・ One Piece favorite entertainer x Shueisha One Piece urgent roundtable discussion!

◆ One Piece too sacred places
・ Alabasta Edition x India
・ Sorajima x Guatemala
・ Water Seven x Italy
・ Women's Island Edition x China
・ Fishman Island x Greece
・ Dressrosa x Spain
・ Elephant edition x Yemen
・ Wano country edition × Japan (Kyoto, Gifu) etc
・Special interview: Interview with spin-off work / author

◆ To the land related to the Straw Hat Pirates!
・ Luffy: Fusha Village x England
・ Zoro: Shimotsuki Village x Japan, Nara
・ Nami: Coconut Village x Indonesia
・ Usopp: Syrup Village x England
・ Sanji: Baratie x Vietnam, etc.
・ Chopper: Drum Rocky x America
・ Robin: O'Hara x England
・ Brook: Cape Futako x America
・ Franky: Abandoned Ship Island x Japan, Nagasaki
・ Jinbei: Fishman Island x Spain etc

◆ 10 One Piece experiences to enjoy in Japan
・ Watch: Visit the statues of the crew and go to the heritage of pirates
・ Eat: Reproduce the rice made by Sanji!, try eating dress rice!
・ Play: Ride the Sunny!, Have a feast on board! Etc.

・With Google My Maps linked to the posted spots!
With Google My Maps that reflects the location of the sacred sites, you can enjoy the atmosphere of the sacred sites around the world with maps and street views!

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