Ryoka Orita 1st Stylebook: Natsuiro

Version: Japan
Not yet published or released Expected to ship: 23-Jul-2024
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Ryoka Orita 1st Stylebook: Natsuiro

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The first style book of Orita Ryoka, a popular influencer who is active mainly on TikTok and is supported by women in their late teens to early twenties, is finally here! It is packed with content, such as hair and makeup that will make you look like Ryoka, real daily meals, introductions to casual outfits (many of which have not been released on SNS!), and private information that can be found out through 100 questions.
In addition, there are newly taken photos that will make you feel like you're on a date to the beach with Ryoka, and a special interview with Sky Peace's ☆Ini☆ (Jin), Kaneko Miyu, and Kiritanpo!
The back side of Ryoka that you don't usually see will be revealed!