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Sagara Iori First Photobook

Version: Japan
Not yet published or released Expected to ship: 02-Jul-2024
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Language  Japanese

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Iori Sagara, who is currently active mainly as an actress and in gravure, will celebrate her 10th anniversary in June 2024 with the release of her long-awaited first photo book. The book's theme is "Liberation," and it was shot in Taiwan. The film is both photogravure and documentary. It is a series of portraits that capture "Iori Sagara as she is right now," without being overly bound by the location. In keeping with the theme of "Liberation," Iori Sagara has been exposed to the maximum amount of light in this photo collection.
The book is full of new images of Iori Sagara, including swimsuits at the beach and pool, lingerie at a hotel, and of course, a variety of exciting shots that have never been shown in her previous gravure photos. This is the third chapter of Iori Sagara's career. What kind of future will she show us? This is a book that may become a turning point in her life.