SD Gundam Force

Compatible with Game Boy Advance™ (GBA™)
Version: US
Version: Japan
Works on all systems sold worldwide, a correct regional account may be required for online features.
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Item Description

To save Neotopia, Captain Gundam, Zero the Winged Knight and Bakunetsumaru the Blazing Samurai have come to the defense against Dark Axis in this side-scrolling adventure.Each one of the heroes has a unique ability. During the game, you press the L or R Button to switch to a different hero. For example, Zero the Winged Night is most useful for areas where his flying ability helps you reach a ledge. He also helps you avoid a free-fall to your death. However, he sports the weakest attacks of the three. Conversely, Bakunetsumaru performs many sword combos but has limited mobility.The game autosaves your progress at checkpoints and the end of each level. However, the game continues with your status from the last checkpoint. You don't get a new compliment of lives at the beginning of a level, but fortunately, you are able to collect extra lives during the game.

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