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Sega 60th Anniversary Official Bootleg DJ Mix

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track listing

01. Opening
02. Jagajogo (Vocal Version) from SWITCH
03. Talk of the town... from Love and Berry: Dress Up and Dance!
04. Tokyo Daylight from Persona 5
05. Violent Breathing from Streets of Rage
06. my love, marshmallow from ROOMMANIA#203
07. Stardust Speedway Act 2 from Sonic Mania
08. Heaven's Labyrinth from Magic Knight Rayearth
09. DO DE DO DA from Ristar, RADIO DC
10. The★Tanko★Bushi from maimai
11. Mexican Flyer [Big Band Complete Version] (Swing It Black Mix) from Space Channel 5 Part 2
12. Cruising Together from NiGHTS ~Journey of Dreams~
13. Tsukibyo from project575, V4ReMix
14. Sa・Ku・Ra from Super Monkey Ball: Step & Roll
15. Want To Be Close (ATOLS Remix) from Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight
16. Life Will Change from Persona 5
17. manamoon from ROOMMANIA#203
18. Super Brothers from Jet Set Radio
19. TAP de Papapaya from Let's Tap
20. Rock Is Sponge from Rez
21. Fly from Yakuza 3
22. in chaos from Crackin'DJ
23. Save This World -νmix- from Phantasy Star Portable
24. Riders Of The Light from Bayonetta
25. Sky High[Reborn] from maimai PLUS, Daytona USA
26. DECORATOR from Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- F 2nd
27. Message From Nightopia from NiGHTS into dreams...
28. Conquista Ciela from Cyber Troopers Virtual-On "Force"
29. Craze for You from Pachislot Tatakae! Salaryman
30. Nanigaderukana: A Song Only God Knows ~Kotodama Festival ver.~ from Kyoutou Kotoba RPG: Kotodaman x Popcorn / Pengo
31. Samba De Amigo (Samba De Janeiro 2000) from Samba de Amigo
32. Run Through the Speed Highway from Sonic Adventure
33. Fantasy Zone OPA-OPA! -GMT remix- from maimai GreeN PLUS, Fantasy Zone
34. Oki Rap from Quartet
35. Arabian Jewelry (U.S.A. Version) from Columns
36. Jumping Cracker from Napple Tale: Arsia in Daydream
37. Theme of Phantom R from Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure
38. Go! Go! Cheerleader! from Space Channel 5 Part 2
39. Ultimate Legend of the Untrained Demon King from Puyo Pop Fever
40. Orpheus in the Underworld [Perfect Version] from The Rub Rabbits!
41. Kasege! Jarinko Hero from Hero Bank
42. Sehagaga Ganbacchau!! from Hi☆sCoool! SEGA HARD GIRLS
43. Kokoro Scan Song from Kokoro Scan
44. Endless Possibility from Sonic Unleashed
45. FIGHTING CLIMAX -ending version- from Dengeki Bunko FIGHTING CLIMAX
46. One-Eyed Dancer from Yakuza 0
47. SEGA SATURN Startup Sound [H.] [Remix] from maimai GreeN
48. Rare Drop☆Koi☆Koi from Phantasy Star Online 2
49. Sonic - You Can Do Anything from Sonic CD
50. Catch the Wave from Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Mega Mix
51. Blaze Out! from Blazer Drive
52. Angels With Burning Hearts from Burning Rangers
53. We’re ARKS! (Quna Ver.) from Phantasy Star Online 2
54. Deep Aim Blossoms from Sengoku Taisen
55. Wakai Chikara -SEGA HARD GIRLS MIX- from Hi☆sCoool! SEGA HARD GIRLS
56. Aratanaru from Sakura Wars
57. THIS IS MY HAPPINESS from Space Channel 5 Part 2
58. HIKARU Stage from The King of Beetles "Mushiking" ~Mori no Tami no Densetsu~
59. Let's Go Away ~Piano Ver.~ from Daytona USA From Loud 2 Low SUN
60. Akadoko Staff Roll from The Rub Rabbits!


Celebrating Sega's 60th Anniversary! This is a non-stop DJ mix album that runs through a total of 60 Sega-related songs. Cardboard sleeve packaging.

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