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  • 2 Disc Edition

track listing

Disc 1:
1. Opening
2. Menu
3. Start -SE-
4. Menu: Alex Kidd in Miracle World
5. Menu: The Revenge of Shinobi
6. Menu: Super Hang-on
7. Menu: Wonder Boy in Monster Land
8. Menu: Wonder Boy in Monster Land -FM Sound Unit Ver.-
9. Menu: Wonder Boy in Monster World
10. Menu: Monster World IV
11. Menu: Golden Axe
12. Menu: Golden Axe II
13. Menu: Golden Axe III
14. Menu: Streets of Rage
15. Menu: Streets of Rage 2
16. Menu: Streets of Rage 3
17. Menu: ToeJam & Earl
18. Menu: ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron
19. Opening
20. Start -SE-
21. Menu ~Mega CD Startup Sound~
22. Information -SE-
23. Replay -MODEL1 Arr Ver.-
24. Title -FM Sound Unit Ver.-
25. Begin -FM Sound Unit Ver.-
26. Alex Kidd ~Main Theme~ -FM Sound Unit Ver.-
27. Swimming -FM Sound Unit Ver.-
28. Sukopako Motorcycle -FM Sound Unit Ver.-
29. Petit-copter -FM Sound Unit Ver.-
30. Castle -FM Sound Unit Ver.-
31. Janken -FM Sound Unit Ver.-
32. Ending -FM Sound Unit Ver.-
33. Mistake -SE- ~ Game Over -FM Sound Unit Ver.- ~ Continue/Item Found -SE-
34. Thunder Blade -Extra Ver.-
35. Burning Point -Extra Ver.-
36.Type II -Extra Ver.-

Disc 2:
1. Opening
2. Menu
3. Menu -DCSG Ver.-
4. Opening
5. Menu
6. Menu -FM Sound Unit Ver.-
7. Opening
8. Menu
9. HAYA-OH -Arcade Ver.-
10. UPA-UPA!
12. A Course: Space Harrier
13. B Course: Out Run
14. C Course: Fantasy Zone
15. D Course: Thunder Blade
16. E Course: After Burner
17. E Course: After Burner -With Melody Ver.-
18. TITLE -FM Sound Unit Ver.-
19. OPA-OPA! -FM Sound Unit Ver.-
20. SHOP A -FM Sound Unit Ver.-
21. BOSS -FM Sound Unit Ver.-
23. ROUND UP -FM Sound Unit Ver.-
24. KEEP ON THE BEAT -FM Sound Unit Ver.-
25. SAARI -FM Sound Unit Ver.-
26. PROME -FM Sound Unit Ver.-
27. HOT SNOW -FM Sound Unit Ver.-
28. HOT SNOW ~US~ -FM Sound Unit Ver.-
29. DON'T STOP -FM Sound Unit Ver.-
30. DREAMING TOMORROW -FM Sound Unit Ver.-
31. SHOP B -FM Sound Unit Ver.-
32. YA-DA-YO -FM Sound Unit Ver.-
33. VICTORY WAY -FM Sound Unit Ver.-
34. MISS -SE-
35. GAME OVER -FM Sound Unit Ver.-
36. Opening -No SE Ver.-
37. Opening -No SE Ver.-
38. Opening -No SE Ver.-

Item Description

The original songs and arranged songs of the three series of the ultimate transplant series "Sega Ages ONnline", "Sega 3D Reprint Project", and "Sega Ages", which Sega has developed over 10 years, are finally released as an album! A collection of masterpieces by the M2 Sound staff who were in charge of development.

A soundtrack CD that collects "original songs" and "new arranged songs" that color ported games developed by Sega is finally released!

"SEGA AGES ONLINE," "SEGA 3D Reprint Project," and "SEGA AGES," which SEGA has developed for various home video game consoles. M2 Co., Ltd. was responsible for all of these developments. A total of 74 tracks created by the sound staff belonging to M2, which "can never be heard in the original game", are recorded in a set of 2 CDs.

I've been listening to SEGA game music for many years, and I've been listening to Sega's game music for a wide variety of songs, such as homage songs that have the utmost respect for the original game, and theme songs that seem to be a mashup of a number of popular songs. The degree of perfection that groans as much as a person!

In addition, "Replay -MODEL1 Arr Ver.-" from "SEGA AGES Virtua Racing", "HAYA-OH -Arcade Ver.-" from "3D Space Harrier", special mode BGM collection from "3D Power Drift", etc. Includes all the famous arranged songs that have been eagerly awaited from the CD.

As an added bonus, we've also included 3 main BGM "-Extra Ver.-" songs from "3D Thunderblade", which are original takes of the phantom. All songs will be the long-awaited first CD!

The booklet also includes comments full of secret stories from the development staff that are a must-read for fans!

~Let's look back on the 10-year history of Sega ported love by "M2" through this album♪~


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