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Selection Of Satoshi Kon's Manga 2 Waira [Wide Edition / Nama Genko Ver.] Waira And Other Stories

Version: Japan
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World-famous video artist Satoshi Kon's works from his days as a manga artist will be published in a different [wide version / raw manuscript ver.] format for 3 consecutive months!

As an animation director, Satoshi Kon continues to receive worldwide acclaim.
Twelve years have passed since he passed away on August 24th, 2010 at the young age of 46. Even now, his directorial work has been attracting attention in various ways, becoming a topic of conversation, and being watched by many people. In particular, as 3D image creation has become the norm these days, it can be said that the characteristics and value of 'movie artists' who are not limited to animation are increasing.

At the base of the director's creation now is the "manga" that he published in his twenties.
Director Kon, who made his debut as a manga artist in 1985 and eventually blossomed his talent while being involved in animation, presents the wide version [raw manuscript ver.] of manga works drawn in the era before he touched the world of animation. It will be published continuously as

▼ What is [Wide version / raw manuscript ver.]
"Wide version" = A powerful B5 size that is different from comics published in the past. It reproduces the same size as when the work was published in the magazine for the first time.
"Raw manuscript ver." = The texture of the manuscript paper, such as the pencil lines and the shading of the cut and paste, is printed (reproduced in one color) by leaving the parts that were cut and invisible in the past.

▼ Volume 2 Contents
This is the second volume of "Dream Fossil - Satoshi Kon's Complete Short Story", a group of works after 1987 when I graduated from university. The recorded works are ``Aketezokesaha'', ``KIDNAPPERS'', ``Customers'', ``Waira'', ``PICNIC'', ``Beyond the Sun'', ``JOYFULBELL'', ``Desert Dolphin'', and ``Basho's Adventure'', in order of 9 works in total.
The title work "Waira" is Satoshi Kon's only period drama and the longest 60-page read-only work. It is a work that is characterized by a composition reminiscent of the old black-and-white Japanese movies and an intentional distribution of Sumibeta, and you can feel the love of cinema that can be found in the visual world of "Millennium Actress" later.
"PICNIC" is a full-color short story that was published in 1988 in Kodansha's "Hot Dog Press special edition/AKIRA WORLD" magazine that was released when the movie "AKIRA" was released.
(*Since the original manuscript of "Desert Dolphin" is unknown, this will also be restored from the first publication, not "raw manuscript ver.")

This series will be published as a once-in-a-lifetime luxury commemorative project. Don't miss this precious opportunity!


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