Senran Kagura Burst -Guren no Shoujotachi- (Best Collection)

Compatible with Nintendo 3DS™ (3DS)

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Senran Kagura Burst -Guren no Shoujotachi- (Best Collection)
Senran Kagura Burst -Guren no Shoujotachi- (Best Collection)
Senran Kagura Burst -Guren no Shoujotachi- (Best Collection)
Senran Kagura Burst -Guren no Shoujotachi- (Best Collection)
Senran Kagura Burst -Guren no Shoujotachi- (Best Collection)

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Exciting, full of fast pace action and with a generous touch of naughtiness, the girls at Senran Kagura blazes into the 3DS screens. This time, the spotlight goes to the girls in the rival school. The Serpent Academy for ninja girls have their fair share of action. Be sure to choose them. This time a serious story is combined with sexiness and lots of humour. The unresolved plot twists in the previous instalment are going to be wrapped up here and the friendship between some of the girls is reaching a new level. There are a lot of new modes, and one of them is the 3D mode in the changing room.Laughter, tears, heart pounding moments and nosebleed, this game has it all.

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Break Your World! This game is great fun.
Senran Kagura is a nice beat 'em up game that does pay fan service but has depth under the looks. The story is engaging and though the combat system is simple I have to say I deeply enjoy this game. The game is user friendly so there is no major learning curve to play the game. Understand that this game goes with the path of side scrolling unlike how shinovi versus or estival versus allows for a more 3D path for your character. I honestly like the care the creators had with the presentation of each character from look to backstory. You do gain more moves as you progress through the story and I have to also state that I like the pace of the game personally. I honestly had to get the physical copy of this game as in the US we only have the digital. I appreciate the original Japanese production and if you are a fan of Senran Kagura than pick up this game! Who knows you may be more like me and play this one more than the digital Western version. Thank you for viewing and I also would like to add that Play Asia did very well with the care of my game sending it to me. Once again, thanks and happy gaming! :-)
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Good game in 3ds version, very complete, many sidequest to complete, many chars selectables, very fun
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Aiming takes effort
This review is from someone who has only ever played Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus.

I bought this game with great expectations. I expected the same kind of controls on this game with the exception that this is a side scroller. Aiming is hard in this game if you are playing the projectile users (the umbrella users from both schools) and I do not quite understand why movement seems to occur in three lanes and why switching or attacking across lanes is hard when you are playing it but the AI-controlled umbrella users do not have trouble aiming at all. This is my only major gripe with the game.

3D helps the graphics burst out of the 2d screen. There are a lot of unlockables and it is nice that you do not have DLC like in Shinovi Versus.

Sound and voices are great. Japanese voices are the way to go, I will never accept english voices, unless the actors were British.
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Not in it for the boobies
As a Lolicon, I do actually dislike the amount of boobs this game has(Mirai FTW!), but in itself it's an absolutely awesome game, great story with comedy, sad backstories, touching friendships...and the gameplay doesn't really get old that quick if you mix up the characters you use a bit, since their combo-usage differs pretty much. Also did I mention that I love Mirai? Erm, Anyway, I receommend this game to anyone that loves side-scrolling Beat'em-Ups... owo
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Playing Senra Kaguran not for the Fan Service
A great game were i get the fun in the different combo attacks against my enemies more than the Fan Service that gives, also have the opportunity to play the first game in this sequel gives you a great price game.
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