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The hangman did his job, Dr. Watson declared the condemned man dead…yet Lord Blackwood has emerged from the tomb to assert his deadly will over 1890 London. Is he in league with the forces of hell itself? Is the whole Empire in peril? It’s a mystery macabre – and only Sherlock Holmes can master it. Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law put memorable imprints on Holmes and Watson in this bold new reimagining that makes the legendary sleuth a daring man of action as well as a peerless man of intellect. Baffling clues, astonishing Holmesian deductions, nimble repartee, catch-your-breath scenes of one slam thing after another – director Guy Ritchie helms the excitement reintroducing the great detective to the world. Meet the new Sherlock Holmes!劊子手行刑了,醫生宣佈囚犯已經死亡‧‧‧黑木伯爵赫然從墓地中復活,讓全倫敦陷入一片恐慌。究竟他是否如傳說般有邪惡力量?英國正面對一個足以毀滅整個國家的致命陰謀?這神秘恐怖的謎團,看來只有福爾摩斯有能力拆解。在這最新一齣的經典電影,羅拔唐尼飾演智勇雙全的傳奇偵探摩斯,祖迪羅則飾演擁有非凡才智的華生。棘手的奇案、驚人的福爾摩斯式推理、妙語連珠的對答,緊張刺激的場面一幕接一幕,導演佳烈治再次將這非一般的推理懸疑故事搬上銀幕,齊來認識最新的福爾摩斯!

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