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富豪蜷川(山崎努 飾)的7歲孫女被殘殺,兇手始終下落不明。為了報仇,他懸紅10億追殺兇手,令全國人民展開瘋狂追殺行動。自知身陷險境的變態殺人犯清丸(藤原龍也 飾)到福岡警局自首,尋求庇護。為了將他平安送到東京警察廳,警方派出5名以銘苅(大澤隆夫 飾)及白岩(松嶋菜菜子 飾)為首的精銳特警護送。他們將與全國1億2千萬國民,甚至警察部隊上下為敵,誓要將清丸安全送抵目的地,接受法庭的最終審判。然而,清丸的行蹤一次又一次外洩,令他們不禁互相猜疑。面對巨額賞金、執法者的使命與責任,誰會獲勝?清丸的命運將如何改寫? A powerful multi-billionaire Ninagawa (Tsutomu Yamazaki) puts an irresistible price on the head of the man he believes to be the killer of his 7-year-old granddaughter, by placing advertisements all around Japan. Realising he has become a target of all citizens, Kiyomaru (Tatsuya Fujiwara) turns himself into the Fukuoka Police Station. Five police officers including Mekari (Takao Osawa) and Shiraiwa (Nanako Matsushima) are dispatched to bring Kiyomaru back to Tokyo while billions of potential killers are hiding next to them. When they have to risk their lives to protect this sickest killer in Japan, are justice and responsibility strong enough for them to stand against such irresistible award which is too easy for them?

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