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Shin Megami Tensei V Original Soundtrack

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  • 5 Disc Edition

track listing

Disc 1
01. Ephemeral
02. Annulus
03. Daily Life
04. Jouin High School
05. Tokyo -Daybreak-
06. Takanawa Tunnel
07. Spiral
08. Another World
09. If You Wish to Live, Take My Hand
10. Nahobino
11. Battle -humans, demons, and...-
12. It Seems the Knowledge is in Control
13. Da'at : takanawa
14. Cadaver's Hollow
15. Leyline Fount
16. Talk -Da'at-
17. Battle -Da'at-
18. A Rain of Light and Shadow
19. Tension
20. Amanozako
21. World of Shadows
22. Thou Shalt Play
23. Battle -Magatsuka-
24. Doubt
25. Da'at : tamachi
26. Quest -gentle-
27. Quest -oasis-
28. Lord of Chaos

Disc 2
01. Those with Power
02. Battle -ferocity-
03. Zen
04. Da'at : nishi-shibashi
05. Quest -blindly-
06. Quest -elegy-
07. Quest -raid-
08. Battle -ryo ko so haku-
09. Quest -fate-
10. Da'at : tokyo gijidou
11. Yakumo
12. Reunion and Encounter
13. Archangel Abdiel
14. Overflow
15. Ordinary Life
16. Tokyo -Frustration-
17. Battle -strength-
18. Jouin High School -Netherworld- : Main Gate
19. Jouin High School -Netherworld- : Inside the School
20. Hayataro
21. Sahori

Disc 3
01. Da'at : tennoz
02. Quest -surreal-
03. Quest -suspicious-
04. Battle -droll-
05. Da'at : konan
06. Battle -origin-
07. Da'at : shinagawa station
08. Quest -grave-
09. Looming Threat
10. Battle -seeker-
11. Quest -LMs'-
12. Quest -fertility-
13. Fairy Village
14. Tremble and Die
15. Tao
16. What Couldn't be Saved
17. Da'at : ginza
18. Quest -queen-
19. Quest -archaic-
20. Quest -dainty-
21. World of Shadows - Shining Light or Death's Shadow
22. Da'at : kanda myoujin
23. Da'at : tokyo station
24. Battle -dancing crazy murder-

Disc 4
01. Demon King's Castle
02. Battle -edifice-
03. Talk -edifice-
04. Da'at : odaiba
05. Battle -Mitama-
06. Tsukuyomi
07. Summit Talks
08. Collapse of Order
09. Those with Knowledge
10. Abdiel and Ichiro
11. Tokyo -Twilight-
12. Goddess
13. Da'at : ueno
14. Quest -order-
15. Quest -disorder-
16. Battle -destruction-
17. The Only Right Way
18. Temple of Eternity
19. Battle -seraph-
20. Fallen Angel
21. Those Who Have Fought in the Space Between Order and Chaos

Disc 5
01. The Empyrean
02. Inevitable Battle I
03. Yakumo's End
04. Battle -Abdiel-
05. Inevitable Battle II
06. Abdiel's End
07. Battle -Tsukuyomi-
08. Those Who Are Not
09. Tsukuyomi's End
10. Battle -Nuwa-
11. Disappearance
12. New King
13. Battle -eon-
14. Ask the World
15. Shin Megami Tensei V Main Theme
16. Human World
17. Quest -tension-
18. Battle -addition-
19. Quest -Fiend-
20. Quest -Fiend-
21. During Chaos (Shin Megami Tensei III "Title Loop 1")
22. Quest -Demi-fiend-
23. Battle -Demi-fiend-


The latest numbering title of the Megaten series released in November 2021. The original soundtrack of "Shin Megami Tensei V"! Packed with plenty of music to color Shin Megami Tensei V. All 117 songs are recorded, and it is released with a large volume specification of 5 CDs!

The composer's commentary on all songs is posted in the booklet!

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One of my favourite soundtracks of all time
I love SMT V, and I love music. This is one of the only games I've ever played which has a soundtrack so large, yet with so many good songs. Never want to skip any of them, they're all just that good, and this OST really does it justice. The CDs are all of high quality and the director's commentary book is an interesting read with some really cool artwork.
One small word of warning: the discs are prone to getting stuck in the case, so be careful removing them!
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A great presentation of a fantastic soundtrack—every note is here including music from the DLCs.
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Absolutely Gorgeous
I love it. Hats off to Atlus and the composers for such a beautiful soundtrack. Beautiful, memorable 5 disc packaging, every song from the game! I love it, treasured.
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