Shinji Wada Art Works

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Shinji Wada Art Works
Shinji Wada Art Works
Shinji Wada Art Works
Shinji Wada Art Works
Shinji Wada Art Works
Shinji Wada Art Works
Shinji Wada Art Works


Shinji Wada from "Sukeban Deka" has released a commemorative art book for 10 years after his death!

Girls who challenge the great evil in sailor suits. Many popular works such as "Sukeban Detective (Deka)" and "Super Girl Asuka" which recorded a total of 20 million copies and became a TV drama and caused a social phenomenon. Manga artist who left behind / Shinji Wada. Introducing a splendid action depiction into the shojo manga world, it revolutionized the world. To commemorate the 10th anniversary of his death, a project to create a gorgeous art book has started!

This art book is a super volume of 272 pages and all pages are printed in color. From hits such as "Sukeban Deka" to "Super Girl Asuka" and "Pygmalio" to early suspense and comedy masterpieces, we look back on all the paintings in color originals. In addition, the impressive scene that once made the girls cry is reproduced with "Raw original picture Ver." That makes the best use of the texture of black ink and phototypesetting. Don't miss the pencil rough sketches such as "Sukeban Deka", which will be released for the first time in Japan, and the concept notes of the giant "Pygmalio".

Also includes special interviews with Shinji Wada's allies / Suzue Miuchi, Masahiro Shibata, Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, Izumi Takemoto, Kaoru Shintani (in order of publication). Shinji Wada who loved special effects and beautiful girl figures. His masterpiece "Stumbling in a cabbage field" showing its roots is recorded for the first time on all pages "Raw original picture Ver.". The collection and work room filled with memories of Shinji Wada will also be open to the public. Here is an exciting monument that cannot be missed when talking about the golden age of shojo manga.

Works to be recorded:
Chapter 1: Fighting Beautiful Girls / "Sukeban Detective", "Super Girl Asuka", "Kaito Amaryllis", "Shoujo Same", "Lady Midnight", "Puppet Master Rin", etc.
Chapter 2: Legend & History / "Pygmalio", "Ninja Flying", "Asagi-colored Legend", "Sword of Fire", etc.
Chapter 3: Suspense / "Silver Hair Arisa", "Love and Death Hourglass", "Orange is the Smell of Blood", "Chase of Roses", "Cursed Island", "Evil Spirit of the Left Eye", "Great Escape", "Suspense Crest", "Resurrection of Fear", "Deep Sea Fish Never Sleep", etc.
Chapter 4: Fantasy & Comedy / "Stumbling in a cabbage field" (raw original picture Ver.), "Alice in Wonderland" image illustration, "Kuma-san no Shiki", "My Friend Frankenstein", "Arabian Rhapsody (Arabian Rhapsody) Rhapsody) ”,“ Ram-chan's War ”,“ Daddy's Constriction! ”, Etc.
Chapter 5: Special interviews with Suzue Miuchi, Masahiro Shibata, Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, Izumi Takemoto, Kaoru Shintani, etc.

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