Shinobido Homura

Compatible with Sony PSP™ (PSP™)
Version: Japan
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In the ending years of the Muromachi Bakufu, the Ashikaga shogunate almost fell because of the turmoils. It was a time of war. But the "Ukota" region was protected from this wave of war by the protection of the "Asuka Ninjas". The good times did not last though with the Asuka ninja village almost totally destroyed in an attack. As an Asuka ninja, Gou took on many missions with the aim to exact vengeance, and finally he defeated his arch enemy and took revenge for his compatriots. After that, Gou accepted a new mission. At first, he thought it was just a simple seize mission, but the gears of destiny started to turn again...「忍道」シリーズの最新作がPSP(R)で登場!「忍道」シリーズの世界観はそのままに、“PlayStation 2”版では語られなかった新しい物語を楽しむことが出来ます。さらに、RPGさながらにキャラクター成長要素を搭載。キャラクターはなんと30人以上から選択可能で、やり込み要素は満点! オリジナルMAPで、友達と協力・対戦プレイが可能です。もちろん、“PlayStation 2”からダウンロードしたミッションデータを使用してのマルチプレイも可能!

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