Compatible with PlayStation 4™ (PS4™)
Version: Europe
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Shoppe Keep
Shoppe Keep
Shoppe Keep
Shoppe Keep
Shoppe Keep

Product Features

  • Enchanting fantasy art style
  • Choice of furniture to give your store its own unique character
  • Create a champion, select its class and send them out on adventures
  • Multiple file save system
  • Player house with unlockable decorations
  • Built-in snap to grid mode for easy to achieve structure
  • Expansive gameplay unlocks new perks in the skill tree from gardening, alchemy, new tools and higher tier stock
  • Cycle through four seasons with each featuring exclusive items such as frost resistant potions for the winter

Item Description

Take a magical journey back in time to CREATE your own fantasy retail business. Starting from scratch with a few shelves and limited stock availability, plan your displays and price your wares competitively to attract the most customers.

DEVELOP your business by working out the perfect product selection to keep your customers returning.Setting prices too high will attract the most theft but too low and you will be out of business in a puff of smoke.Putting in products pitched at the perfect price is key to surviving in this rough, tough trade.

As your business skills improve and the profits begin to roll in then EMPLOY staff in the form of helper bots, fantasy computerized-robots who can zap thieves, restock shelves and keep the shop looking spick and span as you focus on business expansion.Unlock a champion in the skill tree and send them off to procure new items suitable for the business.

BEWARE and be prepared to handle the crime-loving, hardened Barbarians who will be more likely to invade your business if you are successful - handling them can be a job in itself.Arm yourself against a Barbarian invasion with magic spells and your trusty sword and be prepared for the devastation a visit from them will cause.

Expand and BUILD your business as in real-life by looking for new opportunities.Why not open an inn to offer refreshments for customers after a busy day’s shopping and monopolize the medieval mall.

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