SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow Expansion Pack (Code in a Box) (Chinese)

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SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow Expansion Pack (Code in a Box) (Chinese)
SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow Expansion Pack (Code in a Box) (Chinese)
SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow Expansion Pack (Code in a Box) (Chinese)

Product Features

  • ***Please note that there's no DISC available, but CODE only & the content of the language (voice) are subject to change***
  • Build into the Sky - Create towering multi-zone MegaTowers that allow your Sims to live, work, and play without ever having to touch the ground
  • Corporate Consumerism vs. Green Utopian - Unlock two new city specializations that allow you to build a resource-hungry mega corporation powered by a low-wealth workforce, or an urban utopia that develops clean technology and is controlled by the rich
  • Transform Tomorrow - Watch your city transform as it adapts to the changing times, with new options based on real-world technology such as Mag Levs that rise above the city streets and small buildings, futurized vehicles, and service drones
  • New Disaster - Brace yourself for an all-new type of disaster only fitting a technologically-advanced economy: a giant robot attack on your city!

Item Description

Build the future with SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow:
Create a city of today and turn it into the world of tomorrow. From the series of the ultimate city building simulation that has over 2 million players worldwide, SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow give players the opportunity to transform cities and build the future as they imagine it.

Big Brother in a Brave New World:
Cities of Tomorrow takes place 50 years into the future with new technologies and experimental urban planning techniques; mayors will shape the destinies of the cities: a thriving utopia of green technologies, or a dystopia of hyper-commercialism.

Go Green or Go Greed:
Players can choose between two cities: a perfect upper-class megalopolis full of tree hugging high-minded scientist with the goals of ecology and societal equality, focusing on environmentally friendly power and transportation while the citizen lives in harmony with nature; on one side is the OmegaCo, a commercial dystopia that promotes consumerism, robotics, and hedonism.

Be the mayor of tomorrow:
This expansion pack will be innovative and includes new features that will certainly brings a SimCity game closer to the city of today and provides some interesting ideas about the city of the future. Be the mayor of tomorrow and go green or double down on greed, or manage both. The future is yours to decide in SimCity!


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