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Skies of Arcadia

Compatible with Dreamcast™ (DC™)

For US/Canada systems.
Version: US
Version: Japan
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Skies of Arcadia
Skies of Arcadia
Skies of Arcadia


  • Repacked
  • Full 3D world with highly imaginative storyline, beautifully detailed graphics, and stunning gameplay.
  • Six enormous virtual lands to explore with expansive landscapes ranging FROM a massive desert and quaint villages, to sky and space.
  • Over 70 weapons are available, along with 36 magical skills. In addition, weapons can be customized to take on different magical characteristics.
  • Customize your own sky-ship, designed to capture cultural aesthetics of the 16th Century Great Voyage era -- Gather up to 15 crew members to help attack or protect against other sky-ships.
  • Characters develop not just FROM a technical standpoint with experience and abilities, but on a personal level as well. Emotions are visible in facial expressions, and are integrated INTO the development of the story.
  • The combat system features spectacular spell effects and special attacks, whether the battle is hand-to-hand or ship-to-ship. The unique "Spirit bar" allows characters to perform various techniques.


Imagine a world where people live on islands, float through the air, and use masterfully engineered sky-ships to travel FROM place to place. Follow the adventures of the young hero Vyse, as he struggles with his place as a member of the noble Blue Rogues. Vyse's journeys take him through uncharted skies to discover new continents and explore mystical ruins. Through his voyage he will wage epic battles against savage monsters, evil Pirates, and a powerful enemy nation. Accompanying Vyse on his quest will be Aika, his childhood friend, and Fina, a mysterious girl FROM a distant land. Skies of Arcadia delivers a brilliantly animated cast of characters, monsters and villains, along with astounding 3D graphic environments and a wonderfully scripted story line.

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