Smith and Winston STEAM digital

Compatible with Windows™, Mac™, Linux
Version: Region Free
Region Free
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Product Languages

Language  English, French, German
Smith and Winston
Smith and Winston

Product Features

  • Fully destructible everything
  • Two player couch Co-Op
  • Humorous storyline
  • Explosions, with extra explosions
  • Twin stick combat
  • Metroid style exploration
  • Selection of weapons and power ups to collect
  • Rocket pack adding another dimension to twin stick combat
  • Buddy Mode - Coop player 2 can't be shot! Play with your kids or your friend who sucks
  • Casual Game play - Challenging and rewarding not insane and hard, it's fun to explore and shoot and destroy

Item Description

Smith and Winston is a humorous twin-stick shooter. When a strange signal is detected in deep space the Federation orders Smith and Winston to go and investigate. You take control of Smith or Winston and search the source of the signal in a shattered ringworld. Discover the ruins of an ancient race, kill and loot the alien invaders and uncover the dastardly plot by the evil VOID.

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