Sociable Soccer 24

Compatible with Nintendo™ Switch (SW)
Version: Europe
Works on all systems sold worldwide, a correct regional account may be required for online features.
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Sociable Soccer 24
Sociable Soccer 24
Sociable Soccer 24
Sociable Soccer 24

Product Features

  • Over 13,000 FIFPRO Licensed Footballers - Experience the authenticity of the beautiful game as Sociable Soccer 24 features an extensive roster of over 13,000 licensed professional footballers. Each player's unique skills and attributes are faithfully replicated, allowing you to assemble your dream team from real-world talent
  • Fast and Intuitive Gameplay - Get your adrenaline pumping with the game's lightning-fast and intuitive online and offline gameplay. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a casual player, Sociable Soccer 24's user-friendly controls ensure that everyone can enjoy the excitement of the pitch
  • 23/24 Season Football Data - Sociable Soccer 24 features a massive update of 1,000 teams and 30,000 players for the 23/24 season. Immerse yourself in the current football landscape with realistic leagues, team rosters and player data
  • Build Your Own Squad and Clan System - Create your own football legacy by building a formidable squad and representing the club you love as you collect and upgrade licensed players from all over the world. Sociable Soccer 24 also introduces a full clan system, allowing players to unite with like-minded fans and compete together against the fans of other teams.
  • Thrilling Multiplayer Matches - Face off against friends and rivals in exhilarating online and offline multiplayer matches
  • Ranking Leagues (offline matches against ranked opponents) - The game's 10-division ranking league system adds a competitive edge, as you climb the ranks and prove your football prowess
  • Over 100 Awards and 80 Real World Trophies - Fulfil your footballing dreams by filling your trophy cabinet with over 100 in-game awards. Compete for 80 real-world trophies, adding a sense of accomplishment and prestige to your virtual football journey
  • Customizable Difficulty Levels and Varied Controls - Sociable Soccer 24 is designed to be accessible to players of all skill levels. Tailor the game to your preference with customizable difficulty levels and varied control options, ensuring an enjoyable experience for every player

Item Description

Sociable Soccer 24 is the exhilarating, cross-platform, arcade football franchise that brings the thrill of football to PC and console gaming. Designed by Sensible Soccer creator Jon Hare, this former #1 title on Apple Arcade has garnered a massive following of fans worldwide, thanks to its fast-paced, arcade-style, and intuitive gameplay, enriched with multiplayer head-to-head matches and collectible player cards.


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