Steel Division II: History Pass (DLC) DLC STEAM digital

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Steel Division II: History Pass (DLC)
Steel Division II: History Pass (DLC)
Steel Division II: History Pass (DLC)
Steel Division II: History Pass (DLC)
Steel Division II: History Pass (DLC)
Steel Division II: History Pass (DLC)
Steel Division II: History Pass (DLC)


  • New nations, from Axis Finland and Romania to Polish partisans. Each comes fully voiced, with their own armies, weaponry, units, and vehicles
  • One or even two massive new strategic Army General turn-based campaigns. Relive historical battles and fight in the deep forests of Finland, on the banks of the Polish Vistula, or near the blasted hot frontiers of Axis Romania
  • New divisions, with each History Expansion bringing four to six new battlegroups. Take command of noteworthy formations such as the Finnish Panssaridivisioona, the German 5. SS-Panzerdivision "Wiking", the Armia KrajowaPolish partisans, the Soviet elite paratroopers of 3-ya VDV or the “Greater Romania” 1 Blindata armored division
  • Hundreds of new units, weapons, and vehicles. Gain access to the Sturmtiger, the BT-42 assault gun, the multi-turreted T-28 tank, ISU-122S, the Vanatorul de Care R-35 tank destroyer, VL Myrsky fighter, the Polikarpov I-153 biplane, IAR-80M and many more
  • New unique Aces with their special units, from celebrated fighter aces such as the Finnish Eino “Illu” Juutilainen to the Soviet Konstantin Dmitrievich Denisov or even the captured Polish-operated “Chwat” Jagdpanzer 38(t)
  • New challenging Historical Battles, with each scenario being playable in solo or cooperatively
  • New Camouflages, game mechanics, features, and other additional content


Bitcoin & Lightning accepted! Expand your Steel Division 2’s experience with three massive History Expansions, bringing you to exciting new battlefields on the Eastern Front with new nations, Army General campaigns and scenarios, divisions, units, weapons, and more!

- Steel Division 2: Death on the Vistula (DLC)
- Steel Division 2: The Fate of Finland (DLC)
- Steel Division 2: Black Sunday (DLC)

NOTE: This content requires the base game Steel Division 2 in order to play.

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