Street Fighter IV FightPad (Ryu)

Compatible with Xbox360™ (X360)
Version: US
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Ideal for gamers favoring a traditional console controller without wishing to compromise on features, the Street Fighter IV FightPad features an enlarged circular eight-way floating D-Pad and arcade style six-button configuration. An integrated D-Pad switch allows gamers to alternate between D-Pad and Analog Sticks and combined with official artwork featuring an assortment of famous Street Fighter® characters, the Street Fighter IV FightPad is destined to be the controller of choice for discerning fans and those seeking a competitive advantage.

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If you like Fighting games, JUST BUY ONE!.
Absolutely essential for anyone who likes fighting games. Playing with these pads, is the only way to enjoy playing, because play with Xbox controllers generic sucks (for fighting games).

The pad have 6 buttons on the front and two triggers on his sides, the D-pad is big and comfortable, and responds perfectly. Have "turbo" options, for any button separately, and you can turn it off/on at any moment.

In addition, these pads are decorated with SFIV characters, making them more attractive, I love them, I have 3 different!.
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A must have
Recommend to people who like me don't have space for arcade joystick.
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Works great with FIFA09.
This a must buy for FIFA (or PES) fans. The d-pad is the best I've ever used and the 360's d-pad pales in comparison.
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A good pad from MadCatz??
Well, the name MadCatz its not a good one when we talk about pads, but the quality of this one is way better than any other MadCatz pad in the past. The buttons are solid and you can smash them without any problem and very quickly (and if you are lazy, you have a turbo option).
The pad responds very good if you use Hadoken-type movements, but when we try to do charge based movements (hold 2s back, then front, for example) the pad is not very acurate, and sometimes it seems that is a 4 direction pad instead of an 8 one.

Resume: If you are a Shotokan player (Ryu, Ken, etc...) go for it, but if you use charged-based characters (Balrog Boxer, MBison Dictator, etc...) then you could be disapointed, so think twice.
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The best pad for SF 4
It was so long, but now I have it !!
For me it's THE perfect pad to play SF4.
Really perfect, I have the original Xbox360 pad and for SF4 it was really not good.
When I've received and tried this pad with SF4, waoooo !! It was like day and night, this pad is fantastic. I hope it will last a long time. On top it will probably be perfect for KOF XII.
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